• Announcement of Medium-term Management Plan 2026

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    Running Out of Tuna? How Tuna Farming is Changing the Future Landscape of Marine Resources

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  • New way, New value by Sojitz Person

    Ideas of the two female leaders driving development behind Costa Coffee Café in Japan

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Who we are A general trading company that constantly cultivates new businesses and human capital.

For more than 160 years, Sojitz has continued to advance innovative businesses globally in countries and regions including Japan, the U.S., Europe, the Middle East & Africa, China, and Asia & Oceania. Sojitz strives to discover the needs of each region to create new prosperity.

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Corporate Information

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Creating the Sojitz
Growth Story

Kosuke Uemura/President & COO

Message from the President

Our Business

Sojitz is engaged in a wide range of businesses as a general trading company, with projects in many different countries and regions around the world. We have seven divisions, organized according to function, industry, and product. Each division will work to stay one step ahead in anticipating social needs to create quality business opportunities.

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Sustainability Creating
Two Types of Value
for a Prosperous Future

For Sojitz Group, sustainability is our commitment to maximize two types of value—"Value for Sojitz” and “Value for Society”—through our business activities alongside stakeholders with the aim of realizing sustainable growth for both Sojitz Group and society.

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  • Investor Relations

    Sojitz Corporation’s shareholder and stock information, procedures for purchasing treasury stock, articles of incorporation, and stock handling rules

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  • Recruit

    Sojitz Group’s human resources and recruitment information (Japanese language only)

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  • Integrated Report / Annual Report

    Sojitz Corporation’s integrated reports

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  • Medium-term Management Plan

    Sojitz Corporation’s medium-term management plans

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New way, New value by Sojitz Person

Introducing the Sojitz employees continually
taking on new challenges
to create new value for society

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