In April 2003, Nichimen Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation established a joint holding company, integrating their businesses the following year to become the Sojitz Group.
Nichimen and Nissho traced their history back to three trading company titans who played an instrumental role in the development of modern Japan. These trading companies existed, in some form, throughout the opening of Japan, the industrial revolution of the Meiji and Taisho Eras, the nation's postwar recovery, and its rapid growth thereafter: Japan Cotton Trading Co., Ltd., Iwai & Co., Ltd. and Suzuki & Co., Ltd.

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History of Sojitz

  • The Sojitz History Museum (双日歴史館)

    Introducing Sojitz’s history from its predecessor companies to the present day.

  • History of Sojitz Corporation

    7min. 5sec.
    View corporate history movie.

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  • Hassojitz~Sojitz – A General Trading Company The Pioneers who Paved the Future of Japan
  • This site introduces the history of Sojitz’s predecessor companies, which were bursting with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, through a manga series and collection of short articles.

  • Sojitz Vietnam Story
  • In 1986, Nissho Iwai was the first company associated with the Western bloc to establish a liaison office in Hanoi following the Vietnam War. This manga depicts Nissho Iwai's business initiatives with the Vietnamese government to support the country's nation-building process.