Human Resource Strategy


Sojitz Aims to Become a General Trading Company that Constantly Cultivates New Businesses and Human Capital


Basic Policy for Human Resource Development

At Sojitz, we consider our people to be our greatest asset, and the value we create is derived from strengthening the skills of our human resources. This site introduces our basic policies for developing talent who can create value and generate profits in the global business arena by taking independent initiative and persevering until successful.


The 3 Strategic Pillars

Sojitz has established three strategic pillars for developing and supporting the success of human resources capable of creating Sojitz’s two type of value—"value for Sojitz” and “value for society.”

01Leverage Diversity

  • Transforming Diversity into Competitiveness

    Sojitz develops a wide range of business around the globe. Providing value to our customers therefore first begins with understanding the diverse value systems that exist around the world. Our aim is to foster the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our employees in order to truly leverage diversity into a competitive edge for the company.

02Promote New Challenges

  • Breaking the Mold

    In this era of rapid change, we must take on fresh perspectives that lead us to new discoveries while demonstrating the commitment to make our ideas a reality. We encourage our employees to seek out new challenges and we foster the inquisitive, independent spirit needed to follow through to completion.

03Experience Personal and Professional Growth

  • Building Fundamentals

    Sojitz provides its employees with limitless opportunities to experience growth through a framework that systematically encourages individuals to take risks and allows for both successes and failures. We have created a multi-tiered system for developing future leaders who are capable of both creating and expanding Sojitz’s two types of value.

Building the Foundations for Employee Success

  • A Rewarding Work Environment

    At Sojitz, we consider our employees to be our greatest asset. We feel it is our responsibility to create a safe, flexible, and rewarding work environment that promotes the mental and physical well-being of our staff and the health of their families. We have positioned work style reforms as a major policy initiative of Medium-term Management Plan 2020 and strove to improve efficiency and productivity in our operations.

Sojitz Data Bank

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