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Securities Code : 2768




(Real Time)

Dividends Per Share


Dividends Yield


(Billions of yen)

  Date of issuance Maturity date Years Interest rate (%) Total amount of issue Bonds outstanding
The 30th unsecured bond 2014/6/16 2024/6/14 10 1.48 10 10
The 33rd unsecured bond 2017/3/9 2024/3/8 7 0.519 10 10
The 34th unsecured bond 2017/6/1 2027/6/1 10 0.715 10 10
The 35th unsecured bond 2018/3/8 2028/3/8 10 0.605 10 10
The 36th unsecured bond 2019/11/27 2029/11/27 10 0.47 10 10
The 37th unsecured bond 2020/9/14 2030/9/13 10 0.56 10 10
The 38th unsecured bond 2021/5/27 2031/5/27 10 0.55 10 10

(As of May, 2022)

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