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Hassojitz: Food Business in Vietnam
This video introduces Sojitz’s food business in Vietnam which seeks to revolutionize food distribution in the country.
(Produced in 2019, 30 seconds)

This video demonstrates how we are creating new value through ideas and bringing those ideas to life as new businesses, exemplifying the Sojitz Group slogan “new way, new value.”
(Produced in 2018, 30 seconds)

My Hassojitz “More ideas. Future realities.”

We called on Sojitz Group employees to submit ideas they wished to see realized as part of an in-house contest, and then turned those ideas into video advertisements.

A Floating Baby Stroller
The concept for this advertisement came from one employee’s idea that a baby stroller equipped with drone flight technology could make family outings much more pleasant and fun.
(Produced in 2020, 15 seconds)

An Inclusive 100-Member Family
The concept for this advertisement came from one employee’s question, which asked “As the way we live changes, what would it be like to create a communal residence where residents all become one family?”
(Produced in 2020, 15 seconds)

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