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Sojitz’s Business Jet Initiatives
This video introduces Sojitz’s activities in the business jet field, an area in which Sojitz has progressively expanded business since the early 2000s to proactively respond to client needs.
(Produced in 2023, 5 minutes and 13 seconds)

Sojitz’s DX Initiatives – Introducing Digital Technologies into Tuna Farming
How could technology be used to monitor swimming tuna and automate fish counting?
We approached this challenge by setting up a digital twin to replicate the entire aquaculture cage as a digital model.
(Produced in 2023, 3 minutes and 16 seconds)

Sojitz’s ICT Business Initiatives – Connective Infrastructure and Connected Data
This video introduces the initiatives of the Social Infrastructure Development Department, a Sojitz organization working to provide the essential infrastructure and technologies of the future.
(Produced in 2021, 3 minutes and 6 seconds)

Video Advertisements

Hassojitz: Sustainable Aquaculture Business in Japan
This video introduces Sojitz’s tuna farming business. We began raising farmed tuna ourselves as a solution to protect limited marine resources, and Sojitz currently provides a stable supply of delicious tuna to the world.
(Produced in 2021, 30 seconds)

Hassojitz: Railway Business in North America
This video introduces how Sojitz is using rail transport to support daily life in North America through its rolling stock Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) business.
(Produced in 2020, 30 seconds)

Hassojitz: Food Retail Business in Vietnam
This video introduces Sojitz’s food retail business in Vietnam which seeks to revolutionize food distribution in the country.
(Produced in 2019, 30 seconds)

This video demonstrates how we are creating new value through ideas and bringing those ideas to life as new businesses, exemplifying the Sojitz Group slogan “new way, new value.”
(Produced in 2018, 30 seconds)

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