Sojitz Corporation


Message from the President

Since its founding, Sojitz has continued to learn from the past, take on new challenges, and achieve one goal after another. This has forged a “Sojitz Identity” defined by genba-ryoku *—that is, the abilities exhibited by our people on the business frontlines. It is the very culmination of the business ingenuity honed by our predecessors, the capacity for disciplined growth developed from the lessons learned during our hardest times, and the creativity which will lead the way to the future.

Medium-term Management Plan 2020 – Commitment to Growth – began in April 2018, and during our first year of the plan, we successfully linked our past efforts to new profit and maintained fiscal discipline in continuing to replace assets and conduct new investments and loans. We made full use of our greatest advantages and abilities to actively challenge new business areas, hand-in-hand with our trusted partners, while responding to the dizzying changes of the business environment. This year as well, we will continue to refine our strengths to build new “clusters of revenue-generating business,” reaffirm our “Commitment to Growth,” and realize steady profit growth of around 10% per year.

Sojitz is now in a stage of growth. Seeking to maximize the “two types of value”—"value for Sojitz” and “value for society”—all of us at Sojitz will unite to achieve sustainable growth for our company and create a more prosperous society.

Masayoshi Fujimoto
Representative Director, President & CEO
June 2019

* Genba-ryoku: Refers to the combined capabilities of Sojitz Group members working on the ground—in offices, at project sites, in meetings with customers and clients, and other places of work around the world.

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