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Core earnings

Core earnings = Gross profit + Selling, general and administrative expenses (before provision of allowance for doubtful accounts and write-offs) + Net interest expenses + Dividend received + Share of profit (loss) of investments accounted for using the equity method

Medium-term management plan

Sojitz Corporation has been working on "Medium-term Management Plan 2020 ~ Commitment to Growth ~," a 3-year plan started in April 2018.
>> Medium-term management plan 2020

New way, New value

With the group slogan of "New way, New value," each employee of the Sojitz Group thinks creatively, unbound by traditional approaches as we strive to realize new value in society.

Non-resource business

The Sojitz Group refers to business of the Energy Division and Metals & Coal Division as "resource business," and businesses of other divisions as "non-resource business."

Resource business

The Sojitz Group refers to business of the Energy Division and Metals & Coal Division as "resource business."

Risk assets

The maximum loss that could occur in the future for all assets and positions. Risk assests are monitored by comparing risk assets to equity and profit respectively to assess the adequacy and earnings capacity of equity.

Sojitz Environmental Policy

As a member of society, in striving to realize sustainable development that balances economic development with environmental protection, the Sojitz Group has established the Sojitz Environmental Policy, as part of which we undertake activities to preserve the environment.
>> Sojitz Environmental Policy

Two Types of Values

Sojitz Group generates value through its business activities. One is "value for Sojitz" such as an enhanced business foundation and sustained growth. The other is "value for society," such as development of local economies and protection of the environment.
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9-Division organizational structure; 9-Division framework

In order to accurately identify market needs and more effectively demonstrate our ability to create value, Sojitz employs a 9-Division framework based on each business division’s products, functions, and the industries in which they conduct business.

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