Sojitz Corporation


Corporate Officers

As of April 1, 2024

Directors (* Representative Director)

Chairman&CEO Masayoshi Fujimoto* CEO
Representative Director Ryutaro Hirai*
Senior Managing Executive Officer Yoshiki Manabe* Executive Management of Corporate Departments
Director Norio Otsuka  
Director Naoko Saiki  
Director Ungyong Shu  
Director Haruko Kokue  
Director Tsuyoshi Kameoka  
Mr. Norio Otsuka, Ms. Naoko Saiki, Mr. Ungyong Shu, Ms. Haruko Kokue and Mr. Tsuyoshi Kameoka satisfy the requirements to be appointed as outside directors as stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 15 of the Companies Act.

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Audit & Supervisory Board Member (full-time) Masaaki Kushibiki
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (full-time) Takehiro Honda
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Michiko Nagasawa
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Kazuhiro Yamamoto
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Junko Kamei
Ms. Michiko Nagasawa, Mr. Kazuhiro Yamamoto, and Ms. Junko Kamei satisfy the requirements to be outside auditors as stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 16 of the Companies Act.

Skills Matrix

Executive Officers


Masayoshi Fujimoto CEO


Kosuke Uemura COO

Senior Managing Executive Officer

Masaaki Bito Representative Director, Executive Vice President, Metal One Corporation*¹
Yoshiki Manabe Executive Management of Corporate Departments
Koichi Yamaguchi President & CEO for the Americas
President, Sojitz Corporation of America
President, Sojitz Canada Corporation
Makoto Shibuya CFO
Executive Management of Corporate Departments
COO, Corporate Planning Department
Tomomi Arakawa CDO, CIO
COO, Digital Department

*1:Mr. Masaaki Bito will be appointed a Director at Metal One Corporation following the company’s General Shareholders’ Meeting scheduled for April 2024. Mr. Bito will then assume his role as Representative Director, Executive Vice President at Metal One Corporation effective following resolution at the Board of Directors Meeting to be held after the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Managing Executive Officer

Koji Izutani General Manager, Kansai Office
Shigeya Kusano President & CEO for Asia & Oceania
Managing Director, Sojitz Asia Pte. Ltd.
General Manager, Singapore Branch
Satoru Takahama Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer
Masakazu Hashimoto COO, Aerospace, Transportation & Infrastructure Division
Hiroto Murai COO, Retail & Consumer Service Division
Tatsuya Morita CCO, CISO
COO, Legal Department, Internal Control Administration Department
Yasuhisa Nakao COO, Business Innovation Office
Executive Management of Economic Security
Kazuhisa Yumikura COO, Finance Department
Toshiaki Kasai COO, Human Resources Department

Executive Officer

Taro Okamura President & CEO for Middle East & Africa
Yumie Endo COO, PR Department, IR Office, Corporate Sustainability Department
Tatsuhiko Kanetake COO, Automotive Division
Tatsuhiko Niitaka President & CEO for Europe
Managing Director, Sojitz Corporation of Europe B.V.
General Manager, Sojitz Corporation of Europe B.V., Paris Branch
Director & CEO, Sojitz Europe Trade Holdings GmbH
Osamu Matsuura COO, Metals, Mineral Resources & Recycling Division
Takefumi Nishikawa COO, Energy Solution & Healthcare Division
Hideo Hatada COO, Consumer Industry & Agriculture Business Division
Katsunori Okada President & CEO for China
Chairman, Sojitz (China) Co., Ltd.
Chairman & President, Sojitz (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Sojitz (Dalian) Co., Ltd.,
Sojitz (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.,
Sojitz (Hong Kong) Ltd., and
Sojitz (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Hitoshi Oda COO, Risk Management Department
Kenji Maeda COO, Chemicals Division
Mizue Nakazawa COO, General Accounting Department, Business Accounting Department

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