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CEO Message

  • CEO Message
  • Record-Breaking Earnings Functioning as a Springboard for Future Growth

    We will exercise ingenuity while refining the functions and value that are unique to Sojitz to find new ways to improve corporate value as we march forward to our next stage.

    Masayoshi Fujimoto
    Representative Director, President & CEO

Growth Strategies for Becoming a General Trading Company That Constantly Cultivates New Businesses and Human Capital

  • Growth Strategies for Becoming a General Trading Company That Constantly Cultivates New Businesses and Human Capital
  • Medium-Term Management Plan 2023—“Start of the Next Decade,” which was launched in April 2021, has been positioned as our first step, the start of the next decade, toward accomplishing our vision for 2030 of becoming a general trading company that constantly cultivates new businesses and human capital. We are nearing the end of Medium-Term Management Plan 2023, the first step toward our vision for 2030. Accordingly, we would like to take a moment to review this plan with eyes to the next three-year period and to the future that lies beyond that.


Pursuit of “New way, New value” in Vietnam

  • Pursuit of “New way, New value” in Vietnam
  • In this country, we have continued to create new businesses for fulfilling the mission of a general trading company—to deliver goods and services where necessary—while accommodating the growth stage of this country at any given time. Moreover, by creating such businesses, we have provided venues through which people can succeed.
    In this feature, we present the story of our ongoing growth through our pursuit of “New way, New value” in Vietnam, which has seen Sojitz continue to transform while fulfilling its mission.


Here, readers will find information on the financial and non-financial aspects of our Companywide strategies for creating value as well as on the corporate governance systems that support these strategies.

CFO Message

  • CFO Message
  • Constant Commitment to Value Creation

    Greetings, my name is Makoto Shibuya and I assumed the position of CFO of Sojitz in April 2023. Sojitz is engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the market through which it has sought to convey its history of value creation, together with specific examples of value creation efforts. We hope that you will find this dialogue compelling and use it to shape your evaluation of the Company.

    Makoto Shibuya
    Managing Executive Officer, CFO

from Outside Directors

  • Messages from the Outside Directors
  • In this section, outside directors offer, from their unique perspectives, their opinions regarding Sojitz’s financial and non-financial initiatives and the challenges and their hopes for the next medium-term management plan.

    Roundtable Discussion Between Outside Directors
    Norio Otsuka, Haruko Kokue, Tsuyoshi Kameoka

    Messages from the Outside Directors
    Naoko Saiki, Ungyong Shu

Message from the CDO, CIO

  • Message from the CDO, CIO
  • Creation of a Prosperous and Sustainable Future
    through Digital Technologies

    Concerted Effort to Accelerate Transformation and Value Creation through Digital Transformation

    Tomomi Arakawa
    Managing Executive Officer
    CDO, CIO


This section contains explanations of the strategies being implemented by business divisions to create value along with examples of specific value creation initiatives.

Integrated Report 2023

  • Integrated Report 2023
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