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July 2022 Video of President Fujimoto’s Visit to Kushiro Marusui (Marine Foods Business Site)

  • In March 2022, Sojitz acquired all shares of The Marine Foods Corporation, then a wholly owned subsidiary of NH Foods Ltd. Marine Foods is a processed marine food products company established in 1964 with a strong position in the domestic marine food product market. In this video, we will see President Fujimoto visit the marine food product processing site of Marine Foods Subsidiary Kushiro Marusui Co., Ltd., and discuss the initiatives for co-creating value to be carried out by Marine Foods and Sojitz in the future.
    (Running time: Approx. 17 min)

November 2021 Hassojitz Project Video—President Fujimoto’s Visit to Sojitz Morinomirai (Fast-Growing Tree Production Business)

Full Video

  • The Hassojitz Project was launched in the year ended March 31, 2020, with the aim of transforming innovative ideas into new business projects. This project is advanced primarily by younger employees selected through open application with the goal of creating new businesses with an eye to the future in 2050. In this video, we will see the fast-growing tree production business, a project for contributing to the restoration of forest resources started through the Hassojitz Project that has taken its first step toward commercialization. Together with President Fujimoto, we will take a look at the tree cultivation site as well as the measures Sojitz is implementing to achieve higher levels of value.
    (Running time: Approx. 21 min)


  • Tree Cultivation Site
    (Running time: Approx. 14 min)
  • Sapling Greenhouse & President Interview
    (Running time: Approx. 9 min)
  • President Interview
    (Running time: Approx. 4 min)

December 2020 Videos of President Fujimoto’s Visits to Three Operating Companies in Kyushu Prefecture

Full Video

  • To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Sojitz Corporation has refrained from holding its usual briefings for shareholders and other investors. Seeking to provide an alternative means of connecting with stakeholders, we compiled videos of President Fujimoto’s visits to three operating companies in Kyushu Prefecture. These videos offer a glimpse of Sojitz’s value creation activities in Japan.
    (Produced: December 2020; Runtime: 18 min, 30 sec)


  • 1. Kyushu Kumamoto International Airport Co., Ltd.
    Kyushu Kumamoto International Airport Co., Ltd., is an investee of the MSJA-Kumamoto Consortium, a consortium of 11 companies including Sojitz. This company is in the process of building a new airport terminal building scheduled to commence operation in spring 2023. President Fujimoto observed Sojitz’s efforts to contribute to regional invigoration and to pave the road for participation in overseas airport operation projects.
    (Produced: December 2020; Runtime: 5 min, 55 sec)
  • 2. Daiichibo Co., Ltd.
    Established in 1947, Daiichibo Co., Ltd., boasts a history of more than 70 years of pursuing excellence in terms of quality. Through President Fujimoto’s visit to Daiichibo’s Kumamoto factory, this video introduces the site at which this company plans and develops its unique products, which boasts the only integrated production line in Japan that encompasses spinning, knitting, and dyeing.
    (Produced: December 2020; Runtime: 4 min, 25 sec)
  • 3. Sojitz Tuna Farm Takashima Co., Ltd.
    Sojitz Tuna Farm Takashima Co., Ltd., is a Pacific bluefin tuna farming company founded in 2008. This company has fostered approximately 40,000 Pacific bluefin tunas to date at Takashima’s fishing grounds in the Genkai Sea. On this visit, President Fujimoto watched tunas being harvested, fed, and processed. He also offered his view on how primary industries can support the invigoration of regional economies.
    (Produced: December 2020; Runtime: 7 min, 29 sec)

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