Communication with Shareholders

Basic Policy

Our basic policy is to engage in constructive dialogue with shareholders. We do this by providing appropriate and timely information about our efforts aimed at sustainable growth and medium- to long-term enhancement of corporate value, about our corporate philosophy, vision and policies, in addition to consistently providing explanations that are easy to understand and ensuring that shareholder opinions are reported to and reflected in the management. Details about the system and status of measures are as follows.


We have prepared a system whereby Directors (including Outside Directors) promote dialogue with shareholders assisted by the IR Office, a dedicated organization.

Providing Information to Shareholders

Our basic policy is to communicate information fairly and equally to all shareholders. Information regarding the Medium-Term Management Plan and financial results is publicized digitally on TDnet or the Company website immediately after a resolution is passed by the Board of Directors. The Medium-Term Management Plan includes our medium- to long-term management vision, quantitative targets (net income, ROA, ROE, net DER, the three-year investment amount, dividend payout ratio, etc.), as well as an outline of strategy including allocation of management resources for achievement of targets.

Opportunities for Dialogue with Shareholders

  • Institutional investors in Japan
    We engage in dialogue with institutional investors in Japan through briefings on financial results and other matters, individual meetings, etc.
  • Foreign institutional investors
    We provide opportunities for direct conversations in individual meetings to foreign institutional investors.
  • Individual shareholders, individual investors
    We provide opportunities where representative directors, the CFO, and the officer responsible for IR explain management trends, including financial results and the medium-term management plan, as well as management policies and visions to individual shareholders.

Response to Shareholder Opinions and Concerns

Opinions received through dialogue with shareholders are reported to management executives 59 by the officer responsible for IR, and important points and suggestions are reflected in management.

Information Management for Dialogue with Shareholders

We abide by the Insider Trading Prevention Rules established by the Company when engaging in dialogue with shareholders.

◇Specific Shareholder Dialogue Activities in Fiscal 2015

Target Details

Institutional investors (those responsible for asset management)

Financial results briefings
Business activity meetings
Individual meetings (around 25 with the President, around 60 with the CFO, around 200 with the Senior Managing Executive Officer for IR or the IR Office)
Participation in conferences held by securities companies in Japan and overseas
Vietnam site tour (Inspection of Company business)

Institutional investors (those responsible for exercise of voting rights)

Small meetings (Introduction of governance system)

Individual shareholders

Briefings for shareholders (Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Hamamatsu)

Individual investors

Briefings for individual investors
Participation in IR events organized by securities companies

Securities analysts

Financial results briefings
Business activity meetings
Vietnam site tour (Inspection of Company business)

Efforts to ensure that the General Shareholders’ Meeting is active and well-facilitated and that voting rights are exercised smoothly

Delivering a convocation notice for the General Shareholders’ Meeting as early as possible

We disclose the Notice of General Shareholders’ Meeting, including an English version, on the website four weeks before the date of General Shareholders’ Meeting. Moreover, we send out the notice three weeks before the date of the General Shareholders’ Meeting, to establish a system for appropriately providing information to shareholders.

Avoiding dates which other companies are likely to choose for their meetings

We avoid dates which other companies are likely to choose for their meetings.

Allowing shareholders to exercise voting rights by electronic methods

We have made it possible for shareholders to vote over the Internet since the General Shareholders’ Meeting held in June 2005.

Participating in the electronic voting platform and other efforts to encourage institutional investors to exercise their voting rights

We have adopted the use of Electronic Voting Platform for Foreign and Institutional Investors operated by ICJ, Inc. since the General Shareholders’ Meeting held in June 2006.

Providing a convocation notice for the General Shareholders’ Meeting in English

We prepare an English version of documents including the Notice of General Shareholders’ Meeting.


  • Publish the Shareholder newsletters (Japanese only)
  • Establish a website for individual shareholders
  • Host briefing sessions for shareholders
  • Provide video clips of the General Shareholders’ Meeting and briefing sessions for shareholders