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Communication with Shareholders

Basic Policy

Sojitz maintains a basic policy of engaging in constructive dialogue with shareholders. Sojitz continues to provide shareholders with appropriate and timely information on management policy and initiatives to achieve sustained growth and increase corporate value over the medium-to-long term. Shareholders’ opinions are then reported to the upper management and reflected in management decisions.

To ensure fair and appropriate disclosure of information to its stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, in accordance with the Fair Disclosure Rule, Sojitz has established and observed a set of internal regulations including the “Regulations to Prevent Insider Trading” and the “Information Disclosure Regulations” that stipulate fundamental policies for compliance with laws and regulations, transparency, timeliness, fairness, consistency and confidentiality, and ensure strict compliance by executive officers and employees.

Providing Information to Shareholders

Sojitz' s basic policy is to communicate information fairly and equally to all shareholders. Information regarding the Medium-Term Management Plan and financial results is publicized via TDnet or Sojitz website immediately after resolution by the Board of Directors. In addition, to promote the understanding of its management philosophy, vision, business activities and business models, Sojitz has engaged in active disclosure of information amid the continuing impact of COVID-19, such as publishing Integrated Reports, holding online briefings for individual shareholders and business activities briefings, and distributing videos on the Sojitz website featuring the President & CEO’s visit to Sojitz’s operating companies.

Systems and Initiatives for Dialogue with Shareholders

Sojitz has established a system where Directors play an active role in dialogue with shareholders, with support of the Investor Relations Office as a dedicated body for this purpose.

Parties Initiatives Specific Activities in the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2021

Individual shareholders and individual investors

  • Hold online briefing sessions to explain performance trends, Sojitz’s human resource strategies and business
  • Distribute videos on the Sojitz website featuring the President & CEO’s visit to Sojitz’s operating companies
  • Online briefing for individual shareholders
  • Online briefings for individual investors

Institutional investors
(Japan and overseas)

Ensure to provide opportunities for direct dialogue through various briefings and individual meetings, etc.

  • Online financial results briefings
  • Online business briefings
  • Online individual meetings
  • Meeting with Outside Directors
  • Participation in conferences held by securities companies

In addition to the above, securities analysts and credit rating agency specialists attended online financial results briefings.

Efforts to ensure that the General Shareholders’ Meeting is active and well-facilitated and that voting rights are exercised smoothly

Delivering a convocation notice for the General Shareholders’ Meeting as early as possible

The Notice of General Shareholders’ Meeting and reference materials are sent out three weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Avoiding dates which other companies are likely to choose for their meetings

We avoid dates which other companies are likely to choose for their meetings.

Allowing shareholders to exercise voting rights by electronic methods

We have made it possible for shareholders to vote over the Internet.

Participating in the electronic voting platform and other efforts to encourage institutional investors to exercise their voting rights

We have adopted the use of Electronic Voting Platform for Foreign and Institutional Investors operated by ICJ, Inc.

Providing a convocation notice for the General Shareholders’ Meeting in English

We prepare an English version of documents, including the Notice of General Shareholders’ Meeting, which is posted to the Sojitz website four weeks prior to the date of the meeting.


  • The Notice of the General Shareholders’ Meeting and reference materials are posted on our website in both English and Japanese four weeks prior to the date of the meeting. These materials are also compatible for viewing on smartphones and tablets.
  • We offer the shareholders the opportunity to submit questions in advance of the shareholders’ meeting and provide video clips on business briefings prior to the meeting. The event is live streamed as a virtual event and archived footage is provided.
  • Sojitz publishes the Shareholders Magazine.
  • We have established a website for individual shareholders and host shareholder briefing sessions, virtual briefing sessions, as well as provide archived footage of events held.

*Dividends per share is the latest dividend forecast.

*The historical Sojitz stock prices provided on this graph are as of previous day.

*Dividends Per Share is calculated in retroactive adjustments values as reference, effective for the stock consolidation.

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