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Medium-Term Management Plan 2020
~Commitment to Growth~ 
(May 1, 2018)

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Position of Medium-Term Management Plan 2020 ~Commitment to Growth~

Medium-Term Management Plan 2020 ~Commitment to Growth~

Medium-term Management Plan 2020 –Commitment to Growth- is the new three-year plan established by the Sojitz Group to begin in April 2018. Under the new plan, we will continue initiatives on the growth track put forth by Medium-Term Management Plan 2017 while utilizing the assets acquired during the period of this plan to expand earnings foundations and realize steady growth. At the same time, we will strengthen Sojitz’s functions to develop a cycle for ongoing growth in order to facilitate future growth. In this manner, we will strive to improve corporate value by making Sojitz into a company that continues growing through ambitious undertakings.

Financial Targets

Growth through Disciplined Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Management

We maintain positive growth cycle as follows; generating cash and profits through accumulation of quality assets and asset replacement, accumulating total equity by profits with cash, and investing for acquiring further quality assets and returning to shareholders based on generated cash and accumulated equity.

Initiatives Aimed at Sustained Growth

Corporate Governance
Initiatives for improving the effectiveness of corporate governance systems
Strengthen operational execution oversight by Board of Directors
Enhance governance of Group companies
Human Resources
Initiatives supporting productivity improvements and sustained growth
Implement diversity initiatives and workstyle reforms to facilitate contributions by diverse human resources
Respond flexibly to changes and cultivate and optimally utilize human resources that continually tackle new challenges to drive sustained growth
Develop future leaders and quickly cultivate new and mid-rank employees
Risk Management
Address operating environment changes and diversifying risks
Prepare for interest rate hikes and foreign exchange rate fluctuations

Promotion of Sustainability Management


Dividend Policy

Basic Dividend Policy
Sojitz recognizes that paying stable, continuous dividends is a management priority, together with enhancing shareholder value and boosting competitiveness through the accumulation and effective use of retained earnings.
Under Medium-Term Management Plan 2020, our basic policy will be to target a consolidated payout ratio of 30%.

Division Overview

(*) Profit attributable to owners of the Company
(*) ROA: FY2017 Results→ FY2020 Targets

Please refer to the following presentation material and appendix for more details regarding the Medium-Term Management Plan.

Medium-Term Management Plan 2020 ~Commitment to Growth~ [PDF:1.6 MB]

*Important Note Concerning the Appropriate Use of Business Forecasts and other This document contains forward-looking statements based on information available to the company at the time of disclosure and certain assumptions that management believes to be reasonable. Sojitz makes no assurances as to the actual results and/or other outcomes, which may differ substantially from those expressed or implied by forward-looking statements due to various factors including changes in economic conditions in key markets, both in and outside of Japan, and exchange rate movements. The Company will provide timely disclosure of any material changes, events, or other relevant issues.


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