Energy Solution & Healthcare Division

In the field of energy, we will create and operate businesses related to renewable energy, energy saving and energy transition. Meanwhile, in the field of healthcare, we will create and operate medical services and related businesses. The Energy Solution & Healthcare Division aims to provide solutions to social issues such as decarbonization, population growth, and aging.

Division Strategy

We will continue to create resilient businesses and capable individuals by constantly pursuing and enhancing our unique competitive advantage at Sojitz.

Takefumi Nishikawa

Executive Officer, COO
Energy Solution & Healthcare Division

In the energy sector, we anticipate continued growth of the decarbonization-related business due to rising global awareness of environmental issues and an increase in government support around the world. In the healthcare sector, there is rising demand related to social issues such as population growth, the extension of health life expectancies, and control of medical expenses. While we anticipate market growth in these industries, we can also expect changing market competition due to an influx of new players. These transformations will require Sojitz to provide higher competitive advantage and value creation.

In addition to our existing “asset-based” infrastructure businesses, we are pursuing to establish “businesses management model” focused on providing solutions to customers. Through this approach, we aim to expand our earnings opportunities, broaden our business scope, and ensure robust growth.

Furthermore, in addition to our current business network, we are expanding our local networks by strengthening ties with our business partners and tapping into the customer bases of our subsidiaries to ensure that we have access to valuable business intel. Also, we aim to provide services and solutions that meet the needs of local communities by leveraging Sojitz’s wide range of tangible and intangible assets. By these strategies, we will develop a competitive advantage rooted in Sojitz’s unique capabilities as we continue to create new value.

Strengths of the Division

  • Local Network

    Collaboration with promising partners and utilizing group companies' business foundation to bolster copetitiveness

  • Business Development & Structuring Capability

    Culture of new business development and robust investment track record

  • Expansion Capability

    Integration of ideas and functions to expand business domains

External Environment


  • Transitions and paradigm shifts driven by a collective increase in awareness of the environment and policy support around the world
  • Expanding opportunities to provide complex solutions to meet diversifying needs and an increasingly decentralized society
  • Population growth and aging populations cause a rise in demand for healthcare services such as preventative care and immunization


  • Country risks associated with sluggish economic growth in emerging countries and changes in political and economic conditions
  • Changes in the balance of supply and demand due to intensifying competition, and diminished business competitiveness due to new technologies, etc.
  • Changes to supply chains and business structures due to conflicts and other geopolitical risks

Global Operations

Business Map

Energy Saving Service Business (Australia)

offshore wind power generation business(Taiwan)
(Source : Offshore Wind Farm Yunlin)

Business Overview

■ Healthcare Business

Sojitz is creating healthcare platforms for providing healthcare solutions that contribute to the improvement of quality of life to ensure that everyone is able to live longer and healthier due to having easy access to the most efficient and optimized solutions. In addition, Sojitz is operating hospital public-private partnership (PPP) projects in Turkey and Australia in close collaboration with local communities. In the primary healthcare business, we are expanding medical services that address market needs while working to promote digital transformation within the healthcare field.

■ Energy Saving Service Business

Sojitz is involved in the energy saving service business in the U.S. and Australia, where CO2 emissions are high. Through this business, we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the realization of a net-zero society through the proposal and construction of energy-efficient equipment and facilities. In addition to growing existing businesses, Sojitz aims to further improve customer value by expanding service businesses including distributed renewable energy and Energy as a Service (EaaS).

■ Renewable Energy Businesses

We aim to proactively accelerate business development in growth markets by leveraging the knowledge we have gained in Japan and overseas through the development and operation of solar, onshore and offshore wind, and biomass power generation projects. We supply power and provide EV-related decarbonization services to meet demand from RE100 member companies and consumers for renewable energy solutions as we pursue further business expansion amidst the global trend towards decarbonization.

■ Downstream Energy Business

We are developing natural gas supply and distributed renewable energy businesses in African and Asian countries where energy demand is growing. In addition to promoting low-carbonization through the supply of natural gas, we will work to achieve decarbonization by optimizing energy usage and carbon neutrality through the combination of renewable energy and new technologies.

■ Gas-Fired Power Generation Businesses

As part of the energy transition towards decarbonization and a low-carbon society, Sojitz develops and operates high-efficiency gas-fired power plants that meet the demand for the switchover to gas-fired power generation with lower environmental impact.


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