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Message from the Chairman

I became Chairman of the Board of Directors in June 2020. As an Outside Director, over the last two years I have advised on numerous business management and execution matters at Sojitz. I will renew my commitment to bear the substantial responsibility of leading discussions as we work towards Sojitz’s sustained growth in this time of uncertainty, and I am also pleased to take up this opportunity for new challenges.

Using my knowledge of management and manufacturing that I have acquired through years of experience, I will wholeheartedly work to the best of my ability to further enhance the transparency and effectiveness of Sojitz’s governance and to increase its corporate value.

As we move forward with discussions, I would like to focus on two issues:

First, making good use of each board member’s knowledge, experience, and ideas when holding discussions. Members of Sojitz’s Board of Directors and the Audit & Supervisory Board have diversified experiences and knowledge, and I would like to promote board discussions in a way that puts this expertise to good use. I believe that stimulating discussions in this form will foster our “Sojitz Identity” further, and consequently lead us to decide on the next medium-term management plan characterized by Sojitz’s unique capabilities.

Second, holding more in-depth discussions on specific business matters with the Board of Directors. Sojitz has nine business divisions in addition to corporate departments, and each of these has a variety of functions. How has each organization conducted business to date, and what issues do they now face? How will we proceed with the final year of the current medium-term management plan, and with what vision will we take on the challenge of the next medium-term management plan? By examining our daily business and growth strategies against this vision, I want to be proactive about identifying improvements and areas of reform. Taking into account our company-wide growth strategies, I want to hold discussions to protect front-line businesses toiling day-to-day, and to offer a supportive push forward to those taking on new challenges. Through these continued discussions, I believe we can move forward with policies to strengthen the corporate governance carried out by Sojitz management up until this point.

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