Sojitz Corporation


Principles and Core policies

Basic Approach to Sustainability

The Sojitz Group conducts business activities based on its corporate statement of creating two types of value with stakeholders, including “value for Sojitz” and “value for society.” By maximizing these areas of share value, Sojitz aims to realize sustainable growth for both the Sojitz Group and society.

Sojitz Group Statement

The Sojitz Group creates value and prosperity by
connecting the world with a spirit of integrity.


Sojitz's “Two Types of Value”& “Value Creation Model”

The Sojitz Group creates “two types of value” through its business activities. One is “value for Sojitz,” which includes expanding the Group’s foundation and realizing sustainable growth. On the other hand, “value for society” involves developing local economies and environmental conservation.

We believe that considering both perspectives to maximize the areas of shared value will “create value and prosperity” as set forth in Sojitz’s corporate statement.

The “Sojitz Value Creation Model” below illustrates the value creation process for continuing to maximize Sojitz’s two types of value through its business activities.


Sojitz's Value Creation Model



●The essence of Sojitz’s value creation model: improving the capabilities of its people
Sojitz delivers value to stakeholders and society through a value creation process that draws on highly effective strategies and comprehensive corporate governance to determine needs, exercise capabilities and create value.

A trading company is all about its people, and people are the core of our value creation model. Sojitz’s businesses are not limited to delivering goods and services and importing and exporting commodities. We link these activities with global needs to create value, which
makes our people, who create that value, critically important. Enhancing their capabilities through our value creation model is the source of our ability to create value.

●Increasing corporate value with a rapid value creation cycle:
Sojitz’s value creation process has three steps. The first is determining needs by understanding the evolving needs of stakeholders around the world. The second is exercising our capabilities through trading, investment in interests and business investment. The third is creating value that meets the needs of stakeholders by exercising our capabilities.

In addition, we use governance to unite the elements of our business foundation, which is required for setting strategic directions with our value creation process, implementing our strategies and exercising our capabilities.

Sojitz operates globally in a diverse array of businesses, so speeding this process up is essential for increasing its corporate value over the medium to long term given the swift pace of change in the external environment and the diversification of needs.

●Maximizing two types of value through our value creation cycle:
Our objective in our value creation cycle is to maximize two types of value: value for society and value for Sojitz.

We believe that the way to create value and prosperity according to the Sojitz Group Statement is to maximize the value we share with society. To do so, we must first clarify the value that we return to society and the value we gain for ourselves, with an awareness of the difference between the perspective of society, which expects national and local economic development as well as consideration of the environment, and the perspective of companies, which aim for greater competitiveness in business.

One type of value we create is returned to society as solutions that meet social needs. This value leads to greater stakeholder trust for Sojitz. The other type of value enhances our human resources and business expertise, which form our business foundation. This type of value leads to greater competitiveness and more new business opportunities for Sojitz.

As our business foundation is enhanced, the value creation cycle continues, further increasing the trust we gain from society and Sojitz’s unique strengths and identity.

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