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Basic Approach to Sustainability

Basic Approach to Sustainability

The Sojitz Group conducts business activities based on its corporate statement of creating two types of value with stakeholders, including “value for Sojitz” and “value for society.” By maximizing these areas of share value, Sojitz aims to realize sustainable growth for both the Sojitz Group and society.

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Sojitz's “Two Types of Value”& “Value Creation Model”

The Sojitz Group creates “two types of value” through its business activities. One is “value for Sojitz,” which includes expanding the Group’s foundation and realizing sustainable growth. On the other hand, “value for society” involves developing local economies and environmental conservation.
We believe that considering both perspectives to maximize the areas of shared value will “create value and prosperity” as set forth in Sojitz’s corporate statement.
The “Sojitz Value Creation Model” below illustrates the value creation process for continuing to maximize Sojitz’s two types of value through its business activities.

Components of Our Value Creation Model

Creating “two types of value”

Sojitz aims to create “two types of value.” The first is “value for Sojitz,” which means enhancing our business foundation and sustained growth, and the second is “value for society,” which includes the development of local economies and environmental preservation.

Strengthening human resources

Human resources are the greatest business assets for a trading company. We are working to understand needs around the world and to enhance our human resource capabilities to create value based on the keywords of genba-ryoku, speed and innovation, making this a source of value creation for Sojitz.

Exercising our capabilities through new ideas

We are always exercising our capabilities through trading, investments in interest, and business investments, with new ideas, looking ahead to the future and quickly expanding our business in advance of the fast-moving changes in the external environment and the diversification of needs.

Practicing strategies and governance that will create sustained growth

Sojitz anticipates business opportunities and risks based on the uncertainty of the external environment, and engages in disciplined investments, loans and risk management. In so doing, we create clusters of revenue-generating businesses and construct a foundation for sustained growth.

Building a robust business foundation

Business locations and partnerships that reach countries across the world, trust-based relationships with customers in different regions that have grown over many years, and brand power: the solid business foundation that Sojitz has built up supports sustained growth.

Business Foundation

Intellectual capital

Practical abilities on the front lines

Social and relationship capital

Relationships of mutual trust with customers and the ability to make proposals

Human capital

Talented people who can create value

Financial capital

Disciplined financial management

Social and relationship capital

Visibility that demonstrates the Company’s unique strengths

Social and relationship capital

Synergy created by our global network

Natural Capital

Every environmental resource that supports lifestyles and industry

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