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Sojitz Enters Authorized BYD Dealership Business in Japan – Partnering with a New Brand to Expand Sojitz’s Dealership Business –


Feb. 3, 2023

Sojitz Corporation

Feb. 3, 2023

Sojitz Corporation


Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) and BYD Auto Japan Inc. (“BYD Auto Japan”), the Japanese subsidiary of the world’s top-selling EV brand*¹ BYD Auto Co., Ltd.,*² have concluded an agreement for Sojitz to become an authorized dealership for BYD passenger car vehicles.。

Operation of the BYD dealership business will be undertaken by Sojitz Auto Group Japan Co., Ltd. (“SAGJ”) in Kanagawa Prefecture and by Sojitz Auto Group Tokai Corporation (“SAGT”) in Aichi Prefecture for each respective sales region.

Prior to the opening of the dealerships, SAGJ and SAGT have established pre-opening offices*³as of January 31st, 2023. Orders are now being accepted for BYD ATTO 3, which is a mid-sized e-SUV model and BYD’s first EV model for sale in the Japanese market.

Additionally, the following new dealership locations are scheduled to open.
≫ SAGJ: BYD AUTO Yokohama Chuo (April 2023) 
≫ SAGT: BYD AUTO Nagoya Kita (FY2023) 



   【BYD ATTO 3】

Sojitz Group strives to expand sales of BYD brand EVs as well as EVs handled by its existing dealerships to realize a decarbonized society*⁴ and to enhance the offerings of its dealership services in order to contribute to the prosperity of local communities and realize sustainable growth.

*1: Source: MarkLines Co., Ltd.’s total number of vehicles sold between January and December 2022 with EVs defined as BEV/PHV/FCV.
*2: BYD is a global leader in the EV field with a presence in 6 continents and over 70 countries and regions.
*3: Please reference the company overviews below to contact the pre-opening offices.

*4: Sojitz Group Policies for Realizing a Decarbonized Society

[Related Information]

Company Overview – Sojitz Auto Group Japan Co., Ltd.

Established July 2020
Head Office 1-1, Uchisaiwaicho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director

Akira Yamamoto


Sojitz Corporation – 100%

Main Business Automotive retail sales business (authorized dealerships, used cars)
Number of Employees Approx. 90 employees
Pre-opening Office

Location : 1-4-14 Chojamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
(*Opening planned for April 2023)
Tel : 0120-045-089 (*Available from February 9th)
Email :
Hours : 11:00-18:00
Closed on Wednesdays and the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month

Company Overview – Sojitz Auto Group Tokai Corporation

Established January 2019
Head Office 65 Haruhigotan-chi, Kiyosu-shi, Aichi
Representative Director

Yoshinori Shimayoshi


Sojitz Corporation – 90%
Million Auto Service Corporation – 10%

Main Business Automotive retail business (Used cars) 
Number of Employees Approx. 40 employees
Pre-opening Office

Location : 65 Haruhigotan-chi, Kiyosu-shi, Aichi
Tel : 052-401-5400
Email :
Closed on Mondays and New Year

Company Overview –BYD Auto Japan Inc.

Established July 2022
Head Office

1-7 Kinko-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Yokohama Daiya Building 19F

Representative Director

Atsuki Tofukuji


BYD Auto Japan Inc. – 100%


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Sojitz Corporation Public Relations Department +81-3-6871-3404

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