Sojitz Corporation Concludes Capital and Business Tie-Up with SDG Impact Japan to Partner on Global Warming Solutions and Low-Carbon Businesses


Jun. 5, 2024

Sojitz Corporation
SDG Impact Japan Inc.

Jun. 5, 2024

Sojitz Corporation
SDG Impact Japan Inc.


Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) and SDG Impact Japan Inc. (“SIJ”) have entered into a capital and business tie-up to jointly pursue global warming solutions and advance low-carbon businesses. Under this agreement, the two companies will explore collaboration to generate carbon credits for renewable energy projects in developing countries, with a view to utilize Japan’s Joint Crediting Mechanism (“JCM”),1 as well as to partner on decarbonization and circular economy-related start-up investments and incubations.

Sojitz has established the Sustainability Challenge as its long-term vision for 2050 and aims to create sustainable growth for both Sojitz and society by working to help achieve a decarbonized society through its business activities and by responding to human rights issues, including those within its supply chains. To achieve this vision, Sojitz will continue to expand businesses aimed at achieving a low-carbon and recycling-based society and to develop essential infrastructure and services among other energy transition businesses.

SIJ was founded by finance and sustainability professionals and specializes in sustainable finance. SIJ works with leading domestic and international partners to formulate and promote sustainability-focused investment strategies and incubate innovative businesses that contribute to improving sustainability. SIJ invests in inspiring ideas and impactful technologies that lead to sustainability with the aim of creating a sustainable future for people and the planet.

Through this alliance, Sojitz and SIJ aim to build partnerships with a wide range of companies in the decarbonization and circular economy fields. Sojitz and SIJ also intend to create open innovation by combining SIJ’s network of innovative sustainability technology startup companies with Sojitz's global business network in order to promote initiatives that will accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

1. About JCM: https://www.env.go.jp/content/900451322.pdf

Head Office 1-1, Uchisaiwaicho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8691, Japan
Representative Masayoshi Fujimoto
Representative Director, Chairman & CEO
Established April 2003
Website https://www.sojitz.com/en/

Sojitz Corporation is one of the leading trading companies in Japan. Sojitz is engaged in a wide range of businesses globally, and the company operates with a 7-division structure organized by function, industry, and product type in order to quickly grasp the needs of society and create quality businesses. Sojitz aims to create two types of value through its business activities. One is “value for Sojitz,” which includes expanding the Group’s foundation and realizing sustainable growth. On the other hand, “value for society” involves developing local economies and environmental conservation.

Head Office 7F Kishimoto Bldg. 2-2-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Representative Mari Kogiso and Shohei Maekawa
Representative Director, Co-CEO
Established January 2021
Website https://sdgimpactjapan.com/

SDG Impact Japan is the first sustainable investment platform based in Japan and invests in entrepreneurs and companies solving the world’s hardest problems. Together with its strategic partners, SDG Impact Japan has established early-stage venture funds focused on promoting the circular economy and sustainable agri-food tech solutions. The firm also advises on Japan’s first outcome-focused ESG engagement fund for listed equities.

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This press release is intended solely for the purpose of publicly announcing the results of the activities of Sojitz Corporation and SDG Impact Japan Inc. and does not in any way constitute a solicitation to acquire any funds or other securities.

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