Machinery & Medical Infrastructure Division
– Main Businesses & Vision –

*This page will be updated to reflect the organizational changes effective April 1st, 2018, once the Integrated Report is issued later this year.

Business Overview

We aim to expand our medical-related business and facilitate further growth of our industrial machinery operations, bringing in advanced technology and capturing growing markets.

【Main Businesses】

▶  Plants (steel, fertilizer, chemical, energy) and infrastructure (medicine).
▶  Industrial machinery and production systems (surface mounters, bearings, equipment related to the environment and new energy, etc.)

Medical Infrastructure Business

Concept image of completed hospital facilities in Turkey
Expanding PPPs in hospital management and related businesses, as well as improving medical services where there is a need in the market
Steady progress is being made on the Ikitelli PPP hospital project in Istanbul, Turkey. Similar PPP projects are in the process of development.
[News Releases] Sojitz Joins Hospital Project in the Republic of Turkey

Plant Projects

Continuous annealing line producing steel plating for automobiles
Fertilizer plant in Tatarstan
Handling large-scale plant projects primarily in the petrochemical, steel mill, and energy industries, in major markets such as Russia/NIS, the Middle East, and Africa.
Devising business models for new projects and lateral expansion into related fields, to supplement our existing plant business.
[Major Business Activities] Plant Project Business in Russia/NIS countries

Industrial Machinery & Bearings