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Foods & Agriculture Business Division

Major Business Activities

Growth Strategy

Southeast Asia is undergoing diversification in lifestyles and increase in demand for foodstuffs as its populations rise and economies continue to develop. To take advantage of this growth, our division will operate businesses in this region with the objective to boost and expand profitability.

In agribusiness, we are operating fertilizer businesses with a leading market share in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, and will leverage this strength to expand into Myanmar and other neighboring countries. We will also venture into agricultural fields peripheral to the fertilizer business.

In the food business, we joined processing businesses, such as confectionery, bakery and sugar refinery, and also conduct delivery of raw materials and product sales. We will expand this model to Southeast Asia as well.

We established a milling company, food ingredient wholesaling company and packaged bread manufacturing company in the Philippines in 2017. In Vietnam, we joined a milling company in 2007, and will strive to forge ahead in the food processing business that connects with downstream businesses.

In the marine products business, we have built a value chain for tuna—from farming to processing and sales—which we will strengthen moving forward. We strive to realize full-cycle aquaculture of tuna and increase the number of our processing plants in Dalian, among other activities.

In the feed and livestock business, we have entered grain port operations and the feed production business in Vietnam and will work to expand using these businesses as a base on which to build.

We will capitalize on the company’s established business foundation in Vietnam, which includes businesses such as prepared food, wholesale food, convenience store, industrial park and other businesses, managed by other Sojitz divisions. At the same time, we will collaborate with leading local partners to supply products not only in Vietnam and the ASEAN region, but also throughout the world.

Business models supporting value creation

Examples of Activities for Sustained Growths

Fertilizer Business

Helping farmers increase their income by supplying fertilizers that improve farming productivity

Fertilizer business (Myanmar)

One of the issues emerging Asian countries face as they continue their growth trajectory is how to improve agricultural productivity to enrich everyday life, such as higher quality agricultural products and the diversification of food.

In light of these circumstances, Sojitz has worked to increase farming yield and income for farmers through its business operations in three countries—Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam—which involves manufacturing and selling compound chemical fertilizers as well as conducting activities to spread technologies for agriculture and cultivation centered around the use of fertilizers. As a result, Sojitz’s fertilizers boast a top market share in each of these countries. We also began import and sales of compound chemical fertilizers in Myanmar in 2018. Demand for quality fertilizers is rising in the country, which is one of Southeast Asia’s major agricultural producers with approximately 70% of the population engaged in farming. We contribute to the development of agriculture in Southeast Asian countries, such as Myanmar, through marketing and R&D activities for compound chemical fertilizers that are suited to the local soil and crops.

Marine Products Business

Using IoT and AI for tuna farming to ensure a stable supply of sustainable marine resources

Sojitz Tuna Farm Takashima

Marine resources are garnering attention as sources of quality proteins and health foods. As their demand increases globally, stricter international fishing regulations are coming into force for some fish, including tuna. In this context, we became the first general trading company to enter the tuna farming business by establishing Sojitz Tuna Farm Takashima in 2008. Our objective was to provide a stable supply of sustainable marine resources by harnessing the knowledge we had acquired from handling imports of frozen tuna. In 2010, we shipped the first batch of cultured tuna to the markets. In 2016, we set up Sojitz Tuna Farm Hassho in the warm climate of Kushimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture, as an intermediate growing business for juvenile tuna to improve their survival rate.

In order to increase efficiency in the aquaculture business, we also jointly developed a system with NTT DOCOMO and Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. using IoT and AI to visualize and analyze tuna farming expertise such as for feed optimization and other farming processes. We will continue verification tests of the system to contribute to the advancement of Japan’s aquaculture business.



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