Training and Development Policy

The sustainable growth of the Sojitz Group depends on solid human resources to create, maintain and develop stable foundations of earnings. We seek out diverse human resources from around the world, and continuously develop global management talent to lead new business areas. In addition, we instill in employees the Sojitz Group Statement and Sojitz Guiding Principles so that they can nimbly adapt to changes in the global environment and embody Sojitz’s unique strengths and identity based on trust and speed.

Ideal Sojitz Employees


Sojitz defines global management talent as people who can create value and generate profits in the global business arena by thinking and acting on their own initiative and persevering until successful, and who honor the Sojitz Group Statement by embodying the Group Slogan, “New way, New value.” We nurture these human resources with an integrated system of on-thejob training, off-the-job training and job rotation.


Global Human Resource Strategy

■Issues and Policies

Under Medium-term Management Plan 2017, we will carry out measures centered on three key themes.

The first is developing human resources who proactively acquire new functions and leverage their creativity. For Sojitz to grow, it is essential that every Group employee takes the initiative to identify issues and make day-today improvements by applying new capabilities and creativity without clinging to conventional ideas. We plan to continue working on initiatives that promote a mindset of gradual improvement. In addition, we will continuously and systematically cultivate human resources for new business areas, as well as encourage them to gain broad business experience and apply their skills in their areas of expertise.

The second theme is responding to globalization by fully utilizing human resources from various backgrounds. Developing strong human resources is vital for competing successfully in a rapidly globalizing business environment, and we will continue to promote the internationalization of our employees. We also intend to strengthen local staff overseas and further promote diversity so that all employees can exercise their unique capabilities in their workplaces.

The third theme is fostering a corporate culture to realize Sojitz’s unique strengths and identity based on trust and speed. To instill in members of the Sojitz Group the Sojitz Guiding Principles that we formulated in 2014, we have made focused efforts to build understanding and acceptance of the guidelines among employees, mainly through training. We will work to foster a corporate culture in which the Sojitz Guiding Principles and the Sojitz Group Slogan – and therefore the Sojitz Group Statement – are practiced by each employee in day-to-day activities.

Priority Initiatives

Developing human resources who proactively acquire new capabilities and leverage their creativity

For general manager- and manager-level employees, we offer training for new appointees as well as professional training for selected individuals, and annual group workshops to reinforce their understanding of the Company’s vision and strategies, and to enhance their leadership skills in order to fulfill them. We follow up on issues and new challenges identified in the training to encourage employees to address them on the job. For younger and mid-level employees, we have modified training programs by adding training on M&A and training specifically for launching new businesses.

Responding to globalization by fully utilizing human resources from various backgrounds

Sojitz will reinforce systems that give employees overseas experience early in their careers, including short-term and long-term overseas trainee programs, language training and MBA study abroad programs. In addition, through employment of non-Japanese staff at the head office and mutually complementary roles between Japanese employees and local employees overseas, we will create environments that cultivate understanding of one another’s values through daily work and provide Japanese employees with the opportunity to experience working together with their non-Japanese colleagues.

For local staff overseas, we will continue to conduct our Global Next Leader Training, in which future leaders from each operating base gather at the head office in Tokyo, where they discuss Group-wide issues such as vision, strategy and business judgment. This program helps to develop the human resources necessary to execute our growth strategies in overseas regions.

Sojitz will also expand and enhance measures such as childcare leave to enable women in career-track positions to continue their careers after childbirth, and will improve programs to support work-life balance for all employees. With these and other programs, we aim to create a fulfilling work environment for all.

Fostering a corporate culture to realize Sojitz’s unique strengths and identity based on trust and speed

We build understanding and acceptance of the Sojitz Guiding Principles in various training programs and link them to employees’ own behavior through formulation of action guidelines at the section level. In addition, we plan to modify the performance evaluation system to make it easier for employees to put the Sojitz Guiding Principles into practice. Similar initiatives will be conducted at overseas operating bases and Group companies so that the whole Sojitz Group, not just head office employees, will nurture Sojitz’s unique strengths and identity.