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The Mission of a Sojitz Person

Basic Approach and Our Ideal Person

At Sojitz group, the value we create as a company is directly tied to strengthening the skills of our greatest asset—our people.

At Sojitz, our ideal person is someone who has a deep understanding of the Sojitz Group Statement, and who acts in accordance with the Sojitz Guiding Principles in order to create two types of value—value for Sojitz and value for society.

Sojitz Group Statement:

The Sojitz Group creates value and prosperity by connecting the world with a spirit of integrity.

Sojitz Guiding Principles:

The Sojitz Group aims to create value for our stakeholders by aligning our strong, capable individuals under the following 5 principles:

  • 1. Trust: Build enduring trust.
  • 2. Innovation: Innovate with foresight.
  • 3. Speed: Strive for speed.
  • 4. Challenge: Take calculated risks.
  • 5. Perseverance: Persevere until successful.

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Important Aspects of HR Policy in the Medium-term Management Plan

Under Medium-term Management Plan 2020, Sojitz is pursuing sustainable growth through maintaining current earnings foundations, strengthening business functions, and continuing to invest in future growth.

Maximizing the potential of our human resources through a consistent and sound human resource policy is essential to achieving sustained growth. Particularly, we aim to develop people who can respond to the rapidly changing business environment with a sense of speed, create something from scratch using their creativity and innovation, boldly take on challenges in new domains and industries, and persevere until successful with resolute determination.

Our human resource policy under Medium-Term Management Plan 2020 focuses on three main areas: diversity management, workstyle reform and increased productivity, and the development of future leaders.

  • 1. Our Group considers it a prerequisite for work to support the physical and mental health of each and every one of our employees, and we are promoting diversity that makes full use of the unique strengths of each employee, enabling them to excel.
  • 2. In order to raise the productivity of each employee and the teams they belong to, we are also enacting work style reforms to encourage a variety of working styles and help all employees achieve proper work-life management.
  • 3.In an effort to raise both the quality and quantity of senior management capable of effectively managing Sojitz Group’s over 400 consolidated subsidiaries (as of March 31, 2020), we offer training for specially selected employees and a systematic job rotation scheme, in addition to carrying out OJT.

By continuing to implement these initiatives, we seek to maximize the capabilities our human resources, create innovation through ingenuity, and drive the sustainable growth of Sojitz Group.

Sojitz’s Human Resource Policy in the Medium-Term Management Plan 2020

Sojitz’s Human Resource Policy in the Medium-Term Management Plan 2020

Major Goals

We strive to achieve and constantly improve upon the following goals as part of the Medium-Term Management Plan.

1. Diversity managemnt

Leverage the different strengths and talents of all employees to take on challenges with fresh thinking.

ⅰ. Empowering Women in the Workplace

Women comprise 20% of employees in career-track positions and continue to make up about 30% of recent graduate employees in career-track positions. Also, as of March 31, 2020 there are 46 female managers, but we aim to have 54 female managers by March 2021.

ⅱ. Promoting non-Japanese Employees

As of March 31, 2020, we are employing 80 foreign nationals. Furthermore, we continue to provide opportunities for on-site training at our Tokyo headquarters, inviting 30 individuals from around 100 of our overseas subsidiaries and project companies each year.

ⅲ. Success of Employees with Disabilities

As of March 31, 2020, we employ 39 individuals (22 at our headquarters and 17 in Group companies), and they are starting to contribute to our ongoing health management initiatives, as well as to the workspace reorganization project at our Tokyo headquarters.

2. Work Style Reform

While promoting new ways for staff to proactively improve the quality of their work, we are encouraging all employees to systematically use their paid vacation time throughout the year, and have set a target of 17 days off or more (at least one day of paid leave per month and five days of summer holiday leave) as part of our effort to create a work environment that offers employees opportunities to de-stress. Additionally, we will ensure that 100% of our employees undergo annual health checks, which we accomplished in FY2019, as we work to create an environment where employees can engage in their work in sound physical and mental health.

3. Development of Future Leaders

We are making continuous efforts to develop staff who can contribute to management of our businesses. We believe actual experience provides the greatest opportunity for growth, so we are expanding opportunities for employees to be dispatched to Group companies both in Japan and overseas including the utilization of the new long-term training program, which enables more interaction between sales divisions and departments. Furthermore, we are continuing to offer training at our Tokyo headquarters for specially selected staff as part of our ongoing efforts to develop future leaders.

Activities throughout Sojitz Group

In order to maximize the capabilities of our human resources throughout Sojitz Group, we are pursuing various initiatives geared towards the development of Group company employees and the building of networks between those companies.

Efforts Related to Employee Training

We provide a variety of training opportunities to Sojitz Group companies. These develop both the skills and mindset employees need to understand the operating environment surrounding Sojitz Group and their role within it. Executives and managers of Sojitz Group companies receive cross-Group training divided by position level, to improve management skills and strategic thinking required at these various levels. All regular employees receive the same basic training related to business skills and the company’s governance policies, as well as risk management training. Additionally, we are implementing orientation training for new employees from across Sojitz Group and programs wherein we accept trainees from Group companies at Tokyo HQ.

Orientation Training for New Employees

FY2017 FY2018FY2019
Number of Group Companies 13 1212
Number of Participants 54 7055

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