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The Mission of a Sojitz Person

Basic Approach and Our Ideal Person

At Sojitz Group, the value we create as a company is directly tied to strengthening the skills of our greatest asset—our people.

At Sojitz, our ideal person is someone who has a deep understanding of the Sojitz Group Statement, and who acts in accordance with the Sojitz Guiding Principles in order to create two types of value—value for Sojitz and value for society.

Sojitz Group Statement:

The Sojitz Group creates value and prosperity by connecting the world with a spirit of integrity.

Sojitz Guiding Principles:

The Sojitz Group aims to create value for our stakeholders by aligning our strong, capable individuals under the following 5 principles:

  • 1. Trust: Build enduring trust.
  • 2. Innovation: Innovate with foresight.
  • 3. Speed: Strive for speed.
  • 4. Challenge: Take calculated risks.
  • 5. Perseverance: Persevere until successful.

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Human Resource Strategy under Medium-term Management Plan 2023


Sojitz’s vision for 2030 is to become a general trading company that constantly cultivates new businesses and human capital as defined in Medium-term Management Plan 2023. In doing so, we will continue to increase corporate value and realize new value creation. We will work towards achievement of the business strategy set out in Medium-term Management Plan 2023 through joint execution of the company’s management strategy and human resource strategy.

Sojitz will leverage its strengths as a team of diverse, autonomous individuals, and we believe that the individual development of each highly capable and driven employee will not only lead to growth for the team and organization, but also translate to overall growth for the company.

Sojitz’s corporate culture promotes the diverse backgrounds and values of its employees regardless of age, gender, or nationality. Additionally, we will continue to support employee development through overseas training programs, job rotations, and other professional opportunities that allow employees to take on new challenges.

Through these programs, we aim to further enrich our human resource development cycle in order to ensure employees experience personal growth and a sense of contribution. We hope to increase the number of individuals with the following three strengths: the capacity to run businesses, the capacity to create and actualize new businesses, and the capacity to involve others and complete tasks.


In terms of our human resource policy under Medium-term Management Plan 2023, we will establish the following three goals: 1) to leverage diversity, 2) to encourage employees to take on new challenges, and 3) to provide an experience of growth. We will continue to implement human resource measures to build a team of diverse, autonomous employees.

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Activities throughout Sojitz Group

In order to maximize the capabilities of our human resources throughout Sojitz Group, we are pursuing initiatives geared towards the development of Group company employees and the building of inter-Group company networks.

Human Resource Development Initiatives

We provide a variety of training opportunities to Sojitz Group companies. These develop both the skills and mindset employees need to understand the operating environment surrounding Sojitz Group and their role within it. Executives and managers of Sojitz Group companies receive cross-Group training divided by position level, to improve management skills and strategic thinking required at these various levels. All regular employees receive the same basic training related to business skills and the company’s governance policies, as well as risk management training. Additionally, we are implementing orientation training for new employees from across Sojitz Group and programs wherein we accept trainees from Group companies at Tokyo HQ.

Orientation Training for New Group Employees

Number of Group Companies 12 10 10 9 7
Number of Participants 55 52 53 53 50

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