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Hassojitz Project – Imagining 2050

For Sojitz to achieve further growth, we need to not only discuss how we can build off past successes and existing businesses; we need to develop new strategies and decide what to tackle next by focusing on the long-term outlook for global changes and the state of affairs worldwide.

From FY2019, we started the Hassojitz Project (Subtitle: “Challenges for the World of 2050”) to incorporate the thoughts, perspectives, and ideas of the young Sojitz staff who will lead the company in the future. It seeks to incite discussion about what “further growth” might mean for Sojitz and encourage strategic thinking at the company. Project participants were found through an open call, and now all teams are hard at work on the project, with sessions facilitated by specially-appointed management-level staff.

The project will have teams come up with concrete business ideas and models based on predefined business areas and themes, while tallying up what they imagine to be megatrends for the world 30 years from now. The teams will then present their findings to the President & CEO and COOs as part of a final competition. The most achievable ideas will later be examined for feasibility as actual business for Sojitz.

As the name “Hassojitz” would suggest—itself a portmanteau of the Japanese word for “idea” (hasso) and Sojitz—the project represents one of the ways Sojitz is trying to predict future changes and transform ideas into reality. It has attracted much attention from within Sojitz as well, as the possible starting point of a new era for Sojitz Group.

Imagining 2050

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