Sojitz Receives Excellence Award at Nikkei Integrated Report Awards 2023

Feb. 29, 2024

Feb. 29, 2024


Sojitz Corporation ("Sojitz") has been awarded the Excellence Award for its Integrated Report 2023 at the Nikkei Integrated Report Awards for the second consecutive year.


Now in its third year, the Nikkei Integrated Report Awards received submissions from 475 companies, an increase of 88 companies from the previous year. Nikkei selected 3 grand prize recipients, 6 runners-up, 6 special prize recipients, and 42 excellence award recipients—including Sojitz.

In order to further deepen understanding and trust of Sojitz Group among its many stakeholders, Sojitz will continue to value opportunities for dialogue and strive to enhance its corporate value.

(Reference) Sojitz Integrated Report 2023

 (*) Nikkei Integrated Report Awards
Held annually by Nikkei Inc. since 1998, the Nikkei Annual Report Awards aim to further enhance and promote annual reports published by Japanese companies.
In recent years, annual reports have evolved into integrated documents that explain a company’s corporate value and incorporate both financial and non-financial information, such as ESG-related goals and initiatives. In light of these changes, the Nikkei Annual Report Award was renamed the Nikkei Integrated Report Award in 2021. In addition to introducing an expanded, multi-tiered judging system, Nikkei Inc. has also restructured and improved its awards framework.

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