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Sojitz Selected for GPIF "Excellent Integrated Report" with a Record Four Nominations

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Feb. 22, 2024
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation ("Sojitz") has been selected as a recipient of the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF)’s "Excellent Integrated Reports" commendation. Reports are nominated by external asset managers entrusted with the management of domestic equity investment. Sojitz received nominations from four external asset managers, which marks the company’s most nominations to date. This is the third consecutive year since 2021 that GPIF has selected Sojitz’s report as an "Excellent Integrated Report" or "Most-Improved Integrated Report."

Main comments from the asset managers who nominated Sojitz:

・With regard to financial and non-financial initiatives, the analysis of gaps and issues between the current situation and medium- to long-term objectives is thorough, and the content is easy to understand. Although the company is involved in a variety of businesses, the report provides highly transparent and useful information, including the policies for each initiative and the progress of investment recovery.
・The level of D&I disclosure was impressive compared with other companies. The efforts to promote the advancement of women is commendable, including the disclosure of the women's pipeline and life events. 
・"Human Resource Strategies Tied to Management and Business Strategies" can be said to be an exemplary case of human capital disclosure, as human resource development policies, strategies, and KPIs are presented as a consistent story. In addition, "Analysis of CO2 Emissions across the Supply Chain" is an ambitious disclosure organized with the awareness that it is difficult to show the whole picture of GHG emissions of trading companies under existing GHG protocols.
・In particular, the report is easy to understand, with visualizations of growth stories, financial discipline, human resources, and environmental goals and processes. The company's efforts to convey the information in a push-based communications model are excellent, including the integrated report briefing sessions for investors.

In order to further deepen the understanding and trust of Sojitz Group among its many stakeholders, Sojitz will continue to value opportunities for dialogue and strive to improve its corporate value.

Sojitz Integrated Report 2023

(*) Excellent Integrated Report" and "Most-Improved Integrated Report" selected by GPIF's domestic equity management organization GPIF asked its domestic equity management organization to select up to 10 companies for each of the integrated reports. As a result, 70 companies (including our company) were selected for "Excellent Integrated Report" and 100 companies were selected for "Most-Improved Integrated Report."

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