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'Hassojitz'—a cross between the Japanese word for idea (hasso) and Sojitz. Sojitz is a company that turns ideas into reality, creating new businesses with the power of ideas and changing the world in the process. What will our next idea look like? Sojitz is turning ideas into reality.

Sojitz’s "Hassojitz" ad campaign shows how Sojitz is a company that creates new value from new ways of thinking and transforms new ideas into business.


Hassojitz (Sojitz + Ideas) Contest!

Held in the fall of 2019, this contest sought to create new public advertisements from innovative ideas submitted by employees from throughout Sojitz Group. Here are some of the unique, forward-thinking ideas that our employees contributed!

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TV Commercials

My Hassojitz ―Sharing Access to Top Doctors & An Inclusive 100-member Family-

This new advertisement introduces some of the ideas Sojitzers wished to see realized that were submitted as part of the contest.

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Project File

Vietnam Retail Foods Project

A short movie demonstrating the efforts of Sojitz headquarters staff and local staff as they work together to diversify and enrich the food culture of Vietnam.

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