Sojitz Corporation


Automotive Division

Conducts automotive assembly, wholesale, and retail sales. We have operations in growing markets such as Asia, Russia & NIS, and Latin America as well as in mature markets such as Japan and the U.S. In addition, we are actively focusing our efforts on bolstering our auto-financing business and on building cutting edge automotive-related service businesses.

Strengths of the Division

External Environment


  • Increase in demand for automobiles due to economic development in emerging countries and diversification of needs in developed countries
  • Paradigm shift in the automotive industry and changes to the existing industry structure
  • Rising need for quality control due to globalization and supply chain diversification


  • Financial and economic stagnation and event risk such as natural disasters
  • Political and regulatory changes in various countries and changes to the social environment caused by technological advancements
  • Changes in international strategies of car makers

Growth Strategy

We will strengthen the functions in automobile sales as core business, build business bases in new fields, and ultimately contribute to a prosperous mobility society.

Tatsuhiko Kanetake

Executive Officer, COO,
Automotive Division

We anticipate rising demand for automobiles, particularly in regions with emerging countries such as Asia and Latin America, given the increasingly active movement of people and goods which has accompanied the economic development of those countries. Waves of great change are also sweeping through the industry, with the introduction of connected services, sharing services, and technological innovations such as electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

Amidst these changes, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in automobile sales, positioning it as one of our core businesses. While expanding our business through M&A of good standing assets in promising markets, we aim to further add the value to our businesses through improvement of locally-based sales and marketing capabilities and after-sales services, and strengthening of functions through incorporation of advanced digital technologies such as IoT & AI. We are also actively working to strengthen our financing business and establish new service businesses which utilize advanced technology.

In addition, in pursuit of sustained growth, we are putting efforts to develop a new generation of experienced personnel who have corporate management skills through on-site management of locally-based Group companies, and personnel who have the capability to create new businesses and functions to cope with changes in the external environment.

There has been a temporary stagnation in the automobile sale business due to the effects of the spread of COVID-19, but by leveraging the functions the company has cultivated and further strengthening locally-based business foundations, we intend to pursue more initiatives aimed at steadily ensuring that demand recovers once the situation returns to normal.


Sojitz G Auto Philippines Corporation(Philippines)

Import Motors, Inc. (U.S.)

■Distributor business

Sojitz has a long track record with the assembly and sales of automobiles, and we are credited with our management functions from various partners. We are bolstering our portfolio of Korean and Chinese-brand vehicles, having begun assembly and sales of Hyundai automobiles to the 200-million-strong Pakistan market and sales of Geely automobiles in the Philippines.

■Dealership business

We are expanding our authorized dealership business for premium brand vehicles, where we anticipate stable demand in countries including Japan, the U.S., and Brazil. In addition, we are working to strengthen used vehicle sales and aftersales services and to build a next-generation sales platform that utilizes the internet and digital technologies. We are also developing automobile sales to customers who are unable to receive a standard auto loan, through financing operations which utilize FinTech services.

■Auto-Financing Business

Sojitz has entered the Autofinancimiento business in Mexico. Autofinancimiento, or self-financing, refers to a system in which potential buyers pool funds as a group, purchasing a vehicle monthly through a raffle system. All group members are able to purchase a vehicle at a determined step in the process, and each buyer pays off their remaining balance individually. This system provides the opportunity to purchase new vehicles to potential buyers who are not able to receive a standard auto loan.

■Service Business

Sojitz has entered the parts quality assurance business, with a customer base that includes automobile and automobile parts manufacturers. We are also working towards the automation of quality assurance through the use of cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, in response to the changing times, we are working to build cutting-edge new service businesses that make full use of the internet and digital technologies.



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