CSR Management


The Sojitz Group carries out CSR activities in line with the following policies under the Sojitz Group Statement.

Main Policies

  • Sojitz Group Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Sojitz Group CSR Policy
  • Sojitz Environmental Policy
  • Sojitz Group CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chains
  • Anti-Corruption Rules

Measures to address human rights, labor, the environment and issues related to our business activities conducted in cooperation with partner organizations throughout the supply chain.

CSR Focus Areas

Through consideration of our stakeholders’ expectations and interests, as well as level of importance to the Sojitz Group, we have established the following six “CSR Focus Areas” as mid and long-term Group goals.


  • Human rights: Respect the human rights of people involved in our businesses
  • Environment: Contribute to the global environment through our businesses
  • Resources: Develop, supply and use sustainable resources
  • Local communities: Develop and grow together with local communities
  • Human resources: Promote opportunities for diverse human resources and workplace diversity
  • Governance: Emphasize effectiveness and transparency

CSR Focus Areas

CSR Committee

The CSR Committee discusses important matters concerning the Sojitz Group’s CSR. This executive committee is under the control of the President and CEO, and reports the proceedings of its meetings to the Board of Directors and the Management Committee.

In principal, the committee meets four times annually. Major points for company-wide discussion include FY2015 Activities and FY2016 Plans, Environmental and Social Risks (Supply Chain CSR), ESG Disclosure, Environmental ISO Initiatives, Wood Procurement Policy, and Social Contributions.

A specialized section in the Public Relations Department serves as the secretariat of the CSR Committee. This section cooperates with relevant organizations within the Group to promote the Sojitz Group’s CSR-related activities.

(As of July 1, 2017)

Committee Chair Representative Director,
Senior Managing Executive Officer,
Executive Management of Investor Relations, Structured Finance, General Accounting, IT Planning
Members Senior Managing Executive Officer,
Global Business Support & Promotion
President, Sojitz Research Institute, Ltd.
Senior Managing Executive Officer,
Executive Management of Business Group (Energy, Metals & Coal, Foods & Agriculture Business, Retail & Lifestyle Business, Industrial Infrastructure & Urban Development)
COO, Industrial Infrastructure & Urban Development Division
General Manager, Overseas Project Development Office
Managing Executive Officer,
Human Resources & General Affairs
Corporate Officer,
Public Relations, Investor Relations
General Manager, Corporate Planning Dept.

Corporate Auditor
General Manager, Secretariat Dept.
General Manager, Investor Relations Dept.


Public Relations Dept. (CSR & Environment Section)


Corporate Governance

In an effort to construct and continually strengthen our corporate governance system, the Sojitz Group is working to clarify managerial responsibility and accountability with respect to shareholders and other stakeholders, and establish a highly transparent management structure. This will raise earning capacity for the entire Group and maximize our corporate value.

Corporate Governance

Internal Control

Sojitz endeavors to implement internal control systems in accordance with the Sojitz Group’s “Basic Policy Regarding the Establishment of Systems for Ensuring Appropriate Execution of Business Operations”, which the Board of Directors adopted on April 24, 2015.

Improvement of Internal Control System

Risk Management

As a general trading company, the Sojitz Group is engaged in a diverse and globally dispersed range of businesses. Due to the nature of its businesses, the Group is exposed to a variety of risks. In compliance with its Basic Code of Corporate Risk Management, the Sojitz Group defines and categorizes risks, and manages them according to the nature of each risk. Measurable risks such as market risks, credit risks, business investment risks and country risks are measured and managed based on a calculation of risk assets. Risks that cannot be quantified, such as legal risks, compliance risks, environmental and social (human rights) risks, funding risks, disaster risks and system risks, are managed in the same manner as measurable risks, with the status of the risks and other issues being reported to management based on the Risk Management Policy and Plan formulated by the executive officers responsible for managing those risks.

Risk Management

Risk Information


Companies must not concern themselves with the pursuit of profit alone; rather, they are expected to develop their businesses while conducting themselves in accordance with social norms and contributing to society. Sojitz believes that thorough compliance is essential to meeting these expectations. We focus on instilling and establishing a compliance mindset among employees while making a Company-wide effort to enable cooperation and teamwork through daily communication among employees. However, there are no shortcuts to establishing corporate compliance.


Sojitz Group Code of Conduct and Ethics

Information Management and Information Security

The Sojitz Group, aware of the importance of information security, takes steps to ensure the appropriate protection, use and management of information assets. In order to promote these measures, the Information Security Subcommittee, a part of the Compliance Committee, and information security leaders appointed by each division and group company organize a management system.

Maintaining the Group IT Security Policy, Information Management Regulation and other related regulations, the Subcommittee works to strengthen measures against unauthorized access, information leakage, computer failure or disasters and carries out employee training through e- Learning.

Personal Information Protection

The Sojitz Group is fully aware of the importance of protecting personal information and has established a Privacy Policy* for the protection of personal information. Our group endeavors to manage personal information appropriately according to Personal Information Protection Regulations and by appointing administrators to handle personal information.

Privacy Policy