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Sojitz Pla-Net and ANA Group launch recycling operation to reduce the disposal of plastic waste


Sep. 29, 2022

Sojitz Corporation

Sep. 29, 2022

Sojitz Corporation


TOKYO, Sept. 29, 2022 – Leading plastics trading company Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation today announced a new partnership with ANA HOLDINGS INC. to reduce the disposal of plastic by introducing a new closed recycling initiative. This partnership will make ANA the first Japanese airline to undertake this innovative and sustainable approach. The project involves the collection of used plastic cargo coverings which will then be repurposed into recyclable plastic goods used by the ANA Group.

“Our partnership with Sojitz Pla-Net is a reflection of ANA’s deep commitment and global efforts to meet our sustainability goals and furthers our ANA Future Promise initiatives,” said Shinichi Inoue, President and Chief Executive Officer of ANA. “We take great responsibility being Japan’s first airline to establish an extensive recycling initiative that reduces plastic disposal and hope to inspire others to follow suit.”

Kenichi Ariga, President of Sojitz Pla-Net said, “Our initiative with ANA HD is an important milestone in reducing plastic waste in the environment. We hope this operation will be recognized globally and inspire not only other airlines, but other industries and corporations to do their part in recycling and repurposing the materials they already have.”

Overview of process
1. ANA collects plastic coverings used for cargo from airports across Japan.
2. Once the materials are collected, all labels, tape and adhesives will be removed before compressing the materials to be recycled.
3. Sojitz Pla-Net collects the compressed material and recycles it into pellets.
4. Sojitz Pla-Net delivers the pellets to manufacturers of plastic products used by ANA.
5. Once the plastic goods are reproduced, ANA will use the products in various operations, such as plastic film coverings for cargo and in-flight garbage bags.


This initiative is part of ANA’s medium- to long-term environmental targets, where the ANA Group aims to reduce the disposal rate of resources by at least 70% from the fiscal 2019 level by fiscal 2030, and to reduce waste to zero by fiscal 2050.

ANA Group is dedicated to conducting socially responsible operations and making a positive impact on the global environment. We will continue to monitor evolving environmental trends and set target goals accordingly to bring the utmost value for customers, stakeholders and communities.



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