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Sojitz and JU Gifu Hashima Auto Auction Inc. Sign Agreement for Joint Development of Next-Generation Auto Auction Services to Promote Digital Transformation -Japan’s First Implementation of Germany’s Twinner Space Autoscanner Technology-


Apr. 14, 2022

Sojitz Corporation

Apr. 14, 2022

Sojitz Corporation


Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”), the distributor for “Twinner Space” autoscanners developed by Twinner GmbH, has signed an agreement for a business tie-up with JU Gifu Hashima Auto Auction Inc. (“JU Gifu Hashima”) to pursue joint development of next-generation auto auction services. (Related News Release: “Sojitz Forms Capital and Business Tie-up with Twinner GmbH, a German Car Autoscanner Developer Providing Digital Vehicle Image Data.” Sojitz Corp. Press release, 18 March 2022.)

As a leading auto auction company, JU Gifu Hashima auctions 250,000 units annually in Japan and has continued to lead the industry. In this business tie-up, JU Gifu Hashima will introduce Twinner Space autoscanners to improve operational efficiency and accelerate digitalization of vehicles for auction, which will allow vehicles to be assessed more objectively and to ensure fair and safe transactions. Additionally, the images taken by Twinner Space can be stored long term in a format inaccessible to third parties. Twinner Space provides digital information that can also be effective for traceability, such as reducing errors and conflicts between auction sellers and successful bidders.

JU Gifu Hashima aims to introduce and begin operations using Twinner Space by spring 2023.

Sojitz will utilize Twinner Space to further digital transformation in car distribution.


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Company Overview – JU Gifu Hashima Auto Auction Inc.

Established 2013
Head Office 2211 Hottsu-cho, Hashima, Gifu Prefecture
Representative Director Naoki Kumazaki
Main Business Auto auction services

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