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Sojitz Invests in IsoTruss Inc., a Manufacturer of Lattice Carbon Fiber Telecommunication Towers

– Meeting Rising 5G Telecom Infrastructure Demands –

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Oct. 13, 2020
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) has announced it will invest in IsoTruss Inc. (Head Office: Utah, U.S.; “IsoTruss”), a construction startup manufacturing carbon fiber structures. With this investment through a third-party allotment of shares, Sojitz aims to accelerate the expansion of the telecommunication infrastructure business, primarily in Asia.

IsoTruss builds cell towers and other structures using composite materials such as carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, making use of its own uniquely-designed lattice structures equipped with the structural capabilities for bending and torsion. As this lattice structure uses less material to be manufactured, it is both lighter in weight and requires lower material costs when compared to other carbon fiber structures. In comparison to the traditional components for steel towers, IsoTruss structures are lightweight, easier to transport and install, resistant to corrosion, and boast a service life of several decades. Based on these features, IsoTruss structures exhibit a clear advantage in terms of lifecycle costs.

These IsoTruss features are expected to be advantageous as disaster-resistant structures in Asian regions where typhoon-related tower damage is foreseeable. These structures will be used in coastal areas where salt damage often occurs, as well as in island areas where transportation can pose a challenge. Additionally, with the rollout of 5G, IsoTruss structures are anticipated to help meet growing demand in urban areas for rooftop and monopole towers.


【IsoTruss Inc.’s lightweight, lattice structure tower (6 meters)】


【Usage on islands and coastal areas (12 meters)】【Usage in urban areas (6 meters)】

With this investment in IsoTruss, Sojitz will acquire exclusive sales rights for IsoTruss products in the Asia region. In addition to plans to establish production bases in Asia, Sojitz aims to build partnerships with mobile network operators and telecommunication tower companies in the region. Last November, Sojitz entered the telecommunication tower business* in Myanmar, and will build synergy with this business going forward. As population growth and data traffic continues to increase throughout Asia, Sojitz will strive to meet rising telecommunication infrastructure demands in Asia and beyond.

* “Sojitz Enters Telecommunication Infrastructure Business in Myanmar. ”Sojitz Corp. Press Release, 15 Nov. 2019.

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Company Overview – IsoTruss Inc.

Established 2015
Location 1394 N Freedom Blvd, Provo, Utah, U.S.
Representative Director Nathan Rich(CEO)
Main Business Design and manufacture of original structures using composite materials such as carbon fibers

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