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Diversity Management

Policy and Basic Approach

Sojitz has defined its vision for 2030 as becoming a general trading company that continues to create new business and develop capable people. To realize this vision, Sojitz has positioned “diversity as a competitive advantage” as a central theme under which the company will transform the diversity of its human resources into an organizational strength for consistently creating value with speed amidst a rapidly changing business environment.

Sojitz continues to actively hire and recruit women, international employees, and mid-career hires with a range of professional experiences, among other diverse human resources with unique strengths and capabilities. We seek to create an environment in which all diverse employees can realize their full potential, and the company conducts trainings for managers to promote awareness of diversity. In addition to these ongoing initiatives, as part of Sojitz’s Medium-term Management Plan 2023, the company will implement human resource measures to promote diverse career paths and working styles to leverage diversity in organizational decision-making and new business development for sustainable value creation.

Medium-term Management Plan 2023: Human Resource Strategy


1. A Framework for Leveraging Diversity

Sojitz aims to transform diversity into a competitive advantage by maximizing the unique strengths of all employees and emboldening individuals to take on new challenges.

Major Themes for Promoting Diversity

  • Diversity Management
  • Promoting Women in the Workplace
  • Balancing Work and Childcare
  • Balancing Work and Care-giving
  • Employees Nearing Retirement Age
  • Opportunities for Locally Hired Employees
  • Opportunities for Employees with Disabilities
  • Fostering Understanding of LGBT Employees

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2. A Framework for Taking on New Challenges

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3. A Framework for Experiencing Growth

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Goals and Targets

Diversity as a Competitive Advantage: Initiatives and Targets for the Mid- to Long-Term Leading up to 2030

Diversity as a Competitive Advantage
All employees, regardless of gender or stage of life (childbirth, childcare), can fully exercise their knowledge, skills, and experience to contribute to value creation

Promoting Women in the Workplace

Sojitz views diversity as a competitive advantage and positions the promotion of women in the workplace as one of the most important goals under its human resources strategy. Sojitz aims to increase the percentage of female employees to 50% during the 2030s and will continue to build an environment in which women can naturally excel over the mid- to long-term by supporting the active development of its employees at each stage of their careers.

In order increase the number of female employees in decision-making positions within the organization, Sojitz has established specific quantitative targets for raising the percentage of female managers and female career-track employees, and Sojitz is working to support employee development by offering greater opportunities for female employees to gain experience through secondment in Japan and overseas. As a result, Sojitz will create a leadership pipeline with women at each career stage, support female employees in acquiring experience to realize their career objectives, and close the gender gap for experience. Sojitz is also implementing measures to support women through life events and promote employee retention and engagement.

In order to establish a leadership pipeline and promote career development, Sojitz has set a KPI to increase the percentage of pre-manager female career-track employees with secondment experience in Japan or overseas to 50% by FY2023. (As of end of FY2022, 42% of female career track employees had been on secondment.)

Additionally, Sojitz has appointed two highly qualified female executive officers (including one managing executive officer) through internal promotion and external recruitment.

Sojitz strives to create an environment that supports all employees, regardless of gender, as they balance work and childcare. Sojitz believes fostering a supportive workplace environment is imperative to creating a corporate culture in which female employees can continue to advance their careers through childbirth, child-rearing, and other life events. Sojitz has set a human resource KPI to have 100% of employees take childcare leave. (In FY2022, Sojitz achieved 100% rates of childcare leave for both male and female employees.)

ご参照Corporate Governance

Action Plan for Promoting Women in the Workplace

Based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, we will continue striving for the promotion of women in the workplace with the following plan for achieving these targets by March 31, 2023.

General Employer Action Plan (April 2021 - March 2024) established in accordance with Japan's Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Statistics on Women in the Workplace

Opportunities for Locally Hired Employees

Employees from many different countries with their own diverse values come together at Sojitz, a company developing business around the world. By placing each employee in the optimal position, promoting them, and leveraging their diverse strengths, Sojitz can strengthen its ability to respond to business changes and come up with innovative ideas.

Sojitz aims to take a market-oriented approach and tap into local networks in order to expand Sojitz’s business areas, create new business, and strengthen its functions to achieve competitiveness. In order to achieve these goals, Sojitz plans to increase the number of locally hired employees holding chief officer positions at overseas operating companies to more than 50% by 2025.

Promotion of Mid-Career Recruits to Management Positions

As part of Sojitz’s efforts to transform diversity into a competitive advantage, mid-career recruits currently occupy about 20% of all management positions and about 30% of all executive officer positions. Moving forward, we plan to ensure that roughly 30% of all new employees hired each year are selected through mid-career recruitment. This effort is part of our policy to add experts in DX and other fields to our management teams and to strengthen diversity by promoting women and international employees.

※ Sojitz utilizes a uniform compensation structure for all employees with the same qualifications and same level of professional duties regardless of gender.


System for Promoting Diversity

Sojitz’s policies, goals, and progress on diversity and other human resource strategy initiatives are regularly presented to the Management Committee and Board of Directors and extensively discussed by management. In order to link the promotion of diversity to long-term sustainable growth, Sojitz has established the DEI Management Section as part of the Corporate Sustainability Dept. to work with the Human Resources Dept. to lead the planning, administration, and promotion of diversity policies which synergize with work style reforms, health management, and other measures.

Furthermore, in order to accelerate diversity initiatives throughout the company, Sojitz has included a category in the “human resource development” section of each organization’s performance evaluation that measures the degree to which an organization has implemented initiatives to transform diversity into a competitive advantage, such as by promoting women and providing opportunities for junior employees and employees nearing retirement age.

The status of diversity and other human resource initiatives are regularly reported to the Board of Directors, and Sojitz holds individual meetings with the Corporate Planning Department, the Human Resource Department, and outside directors. Sojitz reflects the advice and guidance received through these meetings in diversity measures and initiatives.


Diversity Management

Sojitz communicates the importance of diversity management through company-wide messages from the president and at training seminars for manager-level employees in order to emphasize how harnessing employees with unique backgrounds and values can drive organizational results.

Sojitz has also announced the “Sojitz Commitment to IkuBoss” which aims to increase the number of management-level employees who embody diversity management. These managers not only develop, empower, and leverage the diversity of each team member, but ensure they themselves maintain physical and mental health to excel in the workplace. Sojitz strives to spread understanding of this “IkuBoss” ideal throughout the company.

The Sojitz Commitment to IkuBoss

An IkuBoss at Sojitz understands the diverse values, working styles, and career histories of each subordinate, helping them leverage their unique strengths to create results.

At times, an IkuBoss at Sojitz may entrust subordinates with difficult tasks; at other times, an IkuBoss may play the unsung hero, working behind the scenes. An IkuBoss seeks to create both strong individuals and a strong team.

An IkuBoss at Sojitz strives to achieve work-life management which places due value on both subordinates’ work and personal lives to facilitate a healthy working culture and crate New way, New value.

October 2018

Sojitz was the first general trading company to join the “IkuBoss Corporate Alliance” program managed by NPO Fathering Japan.

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Diversity Initiatives

Diversity Management Training

Sojitz held a diversity management training for managers and general managers in FY2018 on the topic of “Management which Leverages Diversity to Maximize Results.”

IkuBoss and Unconscious Bias Trainings

In FY2019, the founder and representative director of the NPO Fathering Japan, Tetsuya Ando, conducted an IkuBoss training seminar for all general managers at Sojitz. After completing the training, all the general managers affirmed their agreement with the Sojitz Commitment to IkuBoss with their signatures.

Starting from FY2021, all general managers and section managers have received e-learning training on IkuBoss to promote understanding of the Sojitz Commitment to IkuBoss. Additionally, Sojitz holds trainings on unconscious bias for general managers.

Promoting Women in the Workplace

As part of efforts to promote women in the workplace, Sojitz aims to increase the percentage of female employees to approximately 50% during the 2030s and will continue to cultivate an environment in which women can naturally excel. In order to increase the number of female employees in senior decision-making positions, Sojitz is working to support the active development of its employees, create a leadership pipeline with women at each career stage, and continue to carry out initiatives that allow employees to acquire experience and realize their career objectives.

In a business climate characterized by accelerated change, Sojitz considers the empowerment of women and all diverse employees to be essential for achieving mid- to long-term growth as a company. For this reason, Sojitz’s president and senior management have continued to emphasize the message of diversity and inclusion to lead the way in fostering greater understanding among employees, including among managers.

List of Systems Supporting Diverse Human Resources

Building a Leadership Pipeline with Women at Each Career Stage

Professional Development for Managerial Roles

Sojitz has maintained a female new graduate recruitment ratio of 30% or more for career-track positions since FY2018, which is one of the company’s quantitative targets for promoting women in the workplace. To develop female managers, Sojitz is constructing a leadership pipeline and provides opportunities for female employees to gain experience outside the company in Japan or overseas early in their careers prior to major life events. Sojitz offers trainings for women at each career stage and is actively working to increase the number of female employees promoted to managerial positions with an increasing number of female employees gaining experience as assistant section managers before going on to be promoted to section manager positions.

Initiatives for Junior Employees

In FY2018, Sojitz gathered female career-track employees in their fourth or fifth year at the company for a mid- to long-term career development training session to discuss their strengths as individuals, and how to manage life events alongside a career. The training included a joint session for both female employees and their managers.

Starting from FY2021, Sojitz has continued to offer a mentorship program led by senior management geared towards female career-track employees in their late 20s and early 30s, who will be in the next generation of managers to lead the company a decade from now. Mentors support female career-track employees in clarifying their personal career goals and developing a vision for the future, with the aim of raising greater awareness of professional development opportunities for women.

Initiatives for Assistant Managers: Pre-Manager Training Program

Since September 2019, Sojitz has held a three-month career training program for female career-track employees in assistant manager positions that includes coaching and discussions with managers and executives, as part of its efforts to support the promotion of women to section manager and general manager positions.

Initiatives for Managers: Outside Trainings for Managers

As a way to strengthen management capabilities, Sojitz sends managers to business school executive training programs in addition to outside management experience through executive officer appointments at Sojitz Group companies. Sojitz also appointed its first female executive officer through internal promotion in April 2021. A second female executive officer was appointed through external recruitment in December 2021, bringing the total number of female executive officers to two.

Other Initiatives

Career Talks with Outside Directors

In FY2022, Sojitz hosted a total of three career talks with outside directors to reinforce the company’s theme of transforming diversity into competitiveness and to build an environment in which all employees can excel, regardless of gender. Speakers included three female outside directors who shared their career trajectories, values as business professionals, and perspectives on Sojitz as outside directors, among other topics.

Talks with outside directors on women’s careers
Talks with outside directors on women’s careers

Round table with Female Executive Officers

Roundtable discussions with female executive officers are held to encourage employees to build communication networks through exposure to diverse perspectives to broaden their horizons. In FY2022, Sojitz hosted a total of six roundtable discussions with externally appointed female executive officers. The roundtables were made up of small panels with participation from several male general managers for an animated exchange of opinions.

Small roundtable discussions with executive officers
Small roundtable discussions with executive officers

Sharing Career Experiences

Sojitz has planned multiple opportunities for employees to consider their future career paths through joint discussions, and these discussions aim to help employees pursue value creation while respecting the diversity of their fellow employees.
Sojitz held a seminar for female employees to gain career insights from fellow female employees who have worked on assignment overseas accompanied by their children. The company has also organized programs with female employees in management roles to speak about their life and careers.

Sharing Career Experiences

Sharing Career Experiences

Career Paths for Administrative-Track Employees

In order to meet the needs of our employees as they plan their career paths and encourage the success of our administrative staff, we revised our human resource system in FY2019 to include a new upper tier of job grades for administrative staff as well as a new region, position, and field-specific career track. A number of administrative track employees have already transferred to the career track and are beginning to leverage their expertise and expand their opportunities to excel at Sojitz.

In FY2021, we also revised our human resource system in order to allow administrative-track employees to leverage their skills and experience and transfer to the career track that is region, position, and field-specific at an earlier stage, for those employees seeking to take on new challenges through the career track. Sojitz hopes to expand opportunities for administrative-track employees by providing career counseling and other educational programs that encourage employees to pursue diverse career paths.

Activities for Fostering Business Creation

Since FY2019, employees of different gender, age, and position work together as part of diverse teams on the Hassojitz Project, Sojitz’s new business creation competition. As part of the FY2020 project, a femtech team formed that is currently working to commercialize their project idea. Utilizing technology to address women’s health issues relating to menstruation, pre-conception care, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and other gynecological conditions, the femtech team is creating a tech business that supports women’s health and empowers women to choose their own unique lifestyles and career paths.

ご参照Hassojitz Project

Women’s Health Initiatives

Sojitz maintains its record of having 100% of employees participate in the annual health check and actively encourages employees to attend any recommended follow-up appointments. In FY2022, Sojitz expanded eligibility for routine cervical and breast cancer screenings to all female employees and strengthened its efforts to support women’s health. In addition, Sojitz added a dedicated gynecologist at its health clinic and offers fertility treatment consultation services. Employees can now take online seminars by doctors and specialists and receive fertility counseling services for themselves and their partners, which will be offered through a contracted outside company. The company also invites medical specialists to hold seminars on maintaining good health including self-care techniques to reduce health risks specific to women and address physical changes due to aging.

ご参照Health Management

Systems for Supporting Working Parents

Sojitz believes that employees should have the freedom to pursue their careers even as they navigate major life events and aims to create an environment that supports all employees, regardless of gender, as they balance work and childcare.

At Sojitz, employees are authorized to take six weeks of paid leave leading up to the birth of a child. Beginning in April 2022, Sojitz also amended its existing parental leave system to include a new type of leave available to both male and female employees following the birth of a child. After childbirth, both male and female employees are entitled to take paid parental leave for a maximum of 40 days (standard working days) in the period up until the child turns 12 months old. There are no restrictions on how leave is divided, and employees are free to utilize parental leave as many times as desired during this period. While employees in Japan are legally permitted to take six weeks of unpaid parental leave prior to childbirth and eight weeks following childbirth, Sojitz’s specialized system ensures that employees are compensated throughout their time on parental leave. In the event that the child is not accepted into a daycare and the employee cannot return to work, parents have the option to extend childcare leave until the child is two-and-a-half years of age. This extension largely exceeds the duration for childcare leave under Japanese law. In order to make it easier for employees to return to work, we have a corporate contract with a local preschool near Sojitz office for employees whose children could not be admitted to their neighborhood daycare. Sojitz also offers employees the option to use a babysitting service subsidized by the company.


Flexible Work Styles

Sojitz has a flextime system that eliminates core working hours and allows employees to work anytime between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Employees working reduced hours under Sojitz’s system for childcare hours are also eligible for the flextime system. Sojitz introduced a company-wide telework system in January 2020, and the company is taking steps to provide a flexible work environment for working parents.

System for Supporting Women Returning to the Workplace

In October 2019, Sojitz implemented a new system to support women returning to the workplace. Under this measure, employees who return to work after taking maternity/childcare leave (by the 1st of the month after the child turns 9 months) will be eligible for subsidized daycare. This system helps support women who want to return to the workplace more quickly, as well as incentivizes and encourages women striving to build their careers.

Reemployment System

Sojitz has introduced a reemployment system for employees who accompany spouses transferred overseas, thus allowing these employees to resume their careers when they return to Japan.

Childcare Leave for Male Employees

In April 2022, Sojitz revised its parental leave system to allow both male and female employees to take leave following the birth of a child. Employees are now entitled to take paid parental leave for a maximum of 40 days in the period up until the child turns 12 months old. There are no restrictions on how leave is divided, and employees are free to utilize parental leave as many times as desired during this period. While maternity and child-care leave was limited to eight weeks after childbirth under the previous system, the applicable period under the new system will be extended to one year following childbirth.

In recent years, Sojitz has increased accessibility to leave policies and conducted management-level training related to child-care leave. As a result of these initiatives, the company has seen a significant increase in the percentage of male employees taking childcare leave and in FY2023, the number of male employees who took childcare leave reached 100%.

Sojitz seeks to further support working parents by raising awareness regarding male child-care leave within the company and fostering understanding among managers and colleagues. By supporting employees to more easily balance work and childcare, Sojitz seeks to create an environment in which all employees can excel regardless of gender.

Digital signage introducing examples of male employees who have taken childcare leave
Digital signage introducing examples of male employees who have taken childcare leave

Support for Employees on Childcare Leave

Sojitz has created a handbook on balancing work and childcare that is distributed to employees with children and their managers. The handbook introduces the company’s systems to support working parents and details all processes for maternity leave, childcare leave, and returning to the workplace. Sojitz also holds a Welcome Back Program that helps employees on childcare leave prepare for their return and interact with fellow employees.
Additionally, Sojitz works with an outside expert who acts as a childcare concierge for employees returning to work after childcare leave. The childcare expert provides advice on topics such as how to search for preschools and how to balance work with childcare.

Balancing Work and Care-giving

Sojitz helps employees to successfully balance their work obligations while providing care for family members through company human resource systems and a supportive work environment.

The main initiatives include Care-giving leave, extended Care-giving leave that employees can take multiple times, reduced working hours for caregivers, and a rehiring system for employees who have left the company to care for family members. In addition, Sojitz has introduced a remote caregiving support program.

In terms of employee education, Sojitz informs employees about the Care-giving leave system and provides information about the caregiving insurance system on the company intranet. Furthermore, Sojitz has set up a caregiving support email service, and we regularly hold seminars to discuss balancing work and Care-giving and conduct individual caregiving consultations with employees.

In terms of enabling flexible work styles, Sojitz has implemented a telework system throughout the company in addition to the flextime system.

Seminars on Balancing Work and Care-giving

As a way to support employees who must provide Care-giving for an undetermined amount of time, Sojitz holds seminars that provide employees with an opportunity to consult with long-term care support specialists (care managers) who can advise them on how to utilize vacation and long-term leave for Care-giving so that they proactively manage their time in order to balance work and care responsibilities.

In addition, after the seminar, an individual consultation meeting is provided in which specialist care workers offer advice tailored to the individual caregiving requirements of each employee.

Support System for Family Remaining in Japan during Overseas Assignment

In order to alleviate the burden on family members remaining in Japan when an employee is posted overseas and unaccompanied by his or her family, Sojitz provides access to subsidized housekeeping services, Care-giving support, and childcare support services within a scope that is determined by the company.

Employees Nearing Retirement Age

Employees nearing retirement age possess a wealth of experiences and skills, as well as an awareness and sense of values about different working styles. Sojitz is working to promote the advancement and success of these employees. Sojitz strives to support the success of employees nearing retirement age and leverages their skills and expertise through its post-retirement rehiring system and reemployment support system.

Rehiring System

Sojitz has a mandatory retirement age of 60, however we offer continued employment for persons over 60 years of age in accordance with the Act for Stabilization of Employment of Older Persons.

Given that staff nearing retirement age have a deep understanding and nuanced set of values regarding various working styles, in April 2019 we created a new job grade for rehired individuals in order to promote their success. This new system was revised such that the employment conditions and evaluations of rehired employees are based on their assigned mission and their expected role with an emphasis on educating less-experienced staff.

Recurrent Education Support System

As we enter an era of 100-year lifespans, employees must enrich their extended working life by thinking proactively about their careers, continuing to educate themselves, and striving to increase the value they contribute as individuals.

Upon taking stock of career milestones and future goals, an employee may determine that they require recurrent education. Sojitz provides subsidies and extended leave to those mid-career employees seeking further education.

Sojitz Professional Share Co., Ltd.

Sojitz Professional Share Co., Ltd., is a platform supporting the diverse careers and life plans of employees over the age of 35. This company allows employees to work until the age of 70, with no restrictions on workplace or time, and authorizes side businesses and entrepreneurial ventures to support every employee in making ongoing contributions through new career paths.

Opportunities for Locally Hired Employees

Outside of Japan, Sojitz has nearly 100 offices, subsidiaries, and liaison offices in locations around the globe. We set up human resource systems and training menus at each office, developing, utilizing, and promoting locally hired staff to further talent development at our overseas offices and promote business rooted in the regional economy. We are placing our overseas operating companies at the center of our efforts to tap into local networks, expand Sojitz’s business areas, and create new business. We are therefore increasing the number of locally hired employees holding chief officer positions at these overseas bases.

Programs for Strengthening Recruitment and Development of Local Employees

There are approximately 1,500 total employees between Sojitz Corporation’s overseas subsidiaries, branches, and liaison offices. Of the 1,500, roughly 1,200 are locally hired staff, and 34 among that group are general managers. (As of March 31st, 2023)

Opportunities for Locally Hired Staff at Overseas Bases

We provide locally hired staff with opportunities to transfer to different offices within their region and between regions, as well as to the head office in Tokyo, in order to help the best Sojitz talent around the world expand business utilizing their information and networks rooted in the local community. As of FY2022, 16 people have transferred between regions or moved to Tokyo HQ, and these individuals are working to create new customers and build new business.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders for Overseas Offices

Sojitz aims to develop local staff overseas through the Global Professional Development (GPD) and Global Next Leaders Development (GNLD) programs. The GNLD began in 2011, and the GPD in 2012. The 491 total participants thus far have included people from 36 countries, in regions including the Americas, Europe, Asia, China, Oceania, and the Middle East.

The GPD is designed to deepen employees’ understanding of the Sojitz culture, with a focus on its corporate organization and history, to boost participants’ loyalty and help them better understand themselves as members of Sojitz Group. It also aims to help participants obtain management skills and experience so they can utilize the full capabilities of Sojitz Group in expanding business within their regions. The GNLD, on the other hand, targets local employees overseas who are management candidates in positions higher than GPD participants. It similarly focuses on deepening understanding of Sojitz’s culture, its corporate organizations and business divisions, and its history, but is also aimed at developing participants into leaders who can network with participants from different regions and business areas to generate create synergy throughout Sojitz Group, as well as take a company-wide perspective in creating “New way, New value.” From FY2020, the sessions have been conducted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Approximately 100 participants from 22 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and China have participated thus far. In addition to this Sojitz is offering other online training programs, including the Sojitz Orientation Program, Negotiation Training and Leadership Training. To date, 200 people have participated in these courses. In the future we will continue to provide further training opportunities.

Employment and Support for Persons with Disabilities

As part of its diversity management program, Sojitz is committed to employing persons with disabilities. We also seek to create an environment that supports the success of our employees working with disabilities.

Increasing Employment of Persons with Disabilities

As of the end of March 2023, the employment rate of persons with disabilities at Sojitz was 2.60% (exceeding the legal requirement of 2.30%). We believe that creating a supportive environment will be instrumental to hiring and retaining more persons with disabilities. In order to further expand employment, Sojitz partners with Sojitz Shared Service (recognized under Japanese law as a special subsidiary of the company in 2012) to create an environment that helps employees—each with different disabilities, skills, experiences, and career plans—be placed in a well-suited post and perform at the highest level.

Sojitz is also working to build awareness and understanding of persons with disabilities through policies deliberated across multiple related departments, as well as through the blind soccer simulation program.*

*Sojitz concluded a partnership agreement with Japan Blind Football Association (JBFA) to provide support for its blind soccer activities and “Spo-iku” program.

Opportunities for Employees with Disabilities: Sojitz Shared Service (Special Sojitz Subsidiary)

Sojitz Shared Service is a special Sojitz subsidiary established in accordance with the Act to Facilitate the Employment of Persons with Disabilities. Many employees with disabilities are exercising their full potential through their work at Sojitz Shared Service.

Sojitz Shared Service primarily handles general affairs-related work for Sojitz Corporation and Sojitz Group companies, as well as select human resource-related duties. The company’s general affairs-related work includes managing a document center (making business cards and printing and binding documents) and operating the Health Care Room, where it offers massage services by a licensed professional and creates videos on self-care techniques. Sojitz Shared Service disinfects office doorknobs and surfaces, manages office hand sanitizer, cleans printers and replenishes paper supplies, manages visitor cards and taxi tickets, and orders rubber stamps and other stationary goods. The company also handles mail services, document storage, and support for employees moving overseas (storage of employee belongings while on assignment).

In addition to Sojitz Shared Service’s ongoing sanitation duties, the company also actively supports the distribution of antigen test kits and other efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Sojitz Shared Service will continue to expand its scope and provide its employees with further opportunities for success.

Sojitz Shared Service works to offer a comprehensive support system that enables each employee to enjoy a long career in a welcoming environment. The company employs qualified professionals with specialized knowledge who give employees guidance on their work tasks and offer mental health support. In an effort to support employees’ career development, Sojitz Shared Service is pursuing initiatives including sending employees on internships and assignments to Sojitz Corporation, strengthening communication between Sojitz Shared Service and Sojitz employees, and fostering a culture of diversity at the company. Moving forward, the company also aims to support the employment and retention of people with disabilities at Sojitz Group companies. Through these initiatives, Sojitz Shared Service is striving to create a supportive, flexible work environment in which every employee can fully exercise their unique abilities.

Company history as a special Sojitz subsidiary

  • March 2012  Sojitz Business Support Corporation established in accordance with the Act to Facilitate the Employment of Persons with Disabilities
  • April 2018  Establishment of Osaka office
  • July 2022   Merger with Sojitz Shared Service Corporation

Barrier-Free Facilities

Sojitz’s working spaces have been built with consideration for employees with disabilities. Accessible toilets are installed on every floor. On floors where visually impaired employees work, Sojitz replaced dark brown carpeting with a bright ivory color based on guidance from visually impaired employees. Moving forward, Sojitz will continue to incorporate the ideas and opinions of disabled employees as it creates a work environment that is comfortable and accommodating for all employees.

Working from Home

Due to illness, I became unable to commute, so I left my sales job with an IT company. I was introduced to a job I could do at home for Sojitz through a support group. My work consists of information-gathering about hiring and diversity and maintaining Sojitz's internal website on these topics. I work four days a week in a home office that Sojitz readied for me, and I feel grateful and motivated in my work.


Yoshiyuki Kunishige
Human Resources Dept., HR Recruitment Sect.


Sojitz is working to create a work environment where diverse employees can excel, regardless of their sexual orientations or gender identities. Sojitz strives to encourage the independence of employees and further foster a company culture in which all employees, regardless of gender, are able to excel. Sojitz promotes gender equality, including understanding of issues facing LGBT employees and members of sexual minorities.

Sojitz’s Working Regulations prohibit harassment relating to sexual orientation or gender identity. Both the Sojitz Group Code of Conduct and Ethics and Sojitz Group Human Rights Policy clearly state Sojitz’s respect for diversity, including race, nationality, gender, age, mental and physical disability, and sexual orientation.

Trainings and Seminars

Prior to assignment overseas, we inform employees of points of caution with regards to differences in LGBT-related legal systems in other countries. We also hold occasional LGBTQ-related seminars and events to deepen awareness throughout the company so that all employees can excel, regardless of their sexual orientations or gender identities. The Sojitz Labor Union also holds seminars to deepen employees’ understanding of LBGTQ issues.

Consultation Desk

Sojitz provides a consultation desk for LGBTQ inquiries. Minority group members and their colleagues are able to contact the consultation desk anonymously. In-house inquiries related to LGBTQ matters are handled by a dedicated diversity team, and external experts and organizations are consulted as necessary.

Supporting Diverse Families

Sojitz strives to create a welcoming work environment where all employees can excel. In October 2023, Sojitz updated its human resource system to grant LGBTQ employees and employees in common-law marriages access to the same company benefits provided to employees in legal marriages.

External Evaluations

Promoting Work-Life Management

Platinum Kurumin Certification

プラチナくるみんSojitz offers various support systems for work-life management, enabling employees to balance work with childcare and caregiving for family members.

In August 2021, Sojitz received “Platinum Kurumin” certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Kurumin certification recognizes companies with excellent childcare support policies that meet the specified requirements for certification and that have achieved the targets set out in their General Employer Action Plans based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. As a recipient of Kurumin certification for four consecutive years since 2010, Sojitz is proud to announce that it has been awarded “Platinum Kurumin” certification, which recognizes outstanding companies that meet higher standards in supporting employees to balance work and childcare. Sojitz has also obtained “Platinum Kurumin Plus” certification awarded from December 2022 to companies that have raised awareness internally and implemented policies and systems for employees to balance work while undergoing fertility treatment.

Sojitz has recently established a new General Employer Action Plan for FY2021 to FY2023 based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. We will continue to create a corporate culture which makes it possible for working parents to pursue both work and childcare and to establish a work environment that supports the careers of employees after childbirth.

General Employer Action Plan (April 2021–March 2024) established in accordance with Japan's Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

Nadeshiko Brand

nadeshikoBased on Sojitz’s various efforts for empowering women in the workplace, the company was named a “Nadeshiko Brand 2023” company in March 2023, a designation given by METI and the TSE that recognizes Sojitz as a listed enterprise for its exceptional work to promote the success of women in the workplace. This marks the seventh consecutive years that Sojitz has received the “Nadeshiko Brand” designation.


Encouragement Award at the Ikumen Enterprise Awards

In November 2020, Sojitz received an Encouragement Award in the Ikumen Enterprise Awards 2020 organized by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. The Ikumen Enterprise Award recognizes companies who are making an exceptional effort to encourage male employees to participate in child rearing while also carrying out their job responsibilities.

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Promoting Women in the Workplace

Related Data

Percentage of female employees hired
New female graduate hires
(career track and administrative track)
35.8% 47.9% 46.0% 49.0% 45.4% 56.7%
New female graduate hires
(career track)
23.6% 37.0% 32.0% 34.1% 31.9% 42.6%
Mid-career hires 21.7% 40.7% 44.0% 53.3% 34.3% 22.5%
Women in managerial positions
Managers 1,031 men
33 women
1,020 men
40 women
1,000 men
46 women
954 men
54 women
915 men
57 women
884 men
57 women
Percentage women 3.1% 3.8% 4.4% 5.4% 5.9% 6.1%
General Manager-Level 184 men
0 women
186 men
2 women
187 men
3 women
176 men
2 women
154 men
2 women
146 men
4 women
Section Manager-Level 841 men
33 women
834 men
38 women
813 men
43 women
778 men
52 women
761 men
55 women
737 men
53 women
Number of New Managers 50 men
3 women
28 men
7 women
28 men
5 women
35 men
9 women
33 men
4 women
39 men
4 women
Women in assistant manager positions
Percentage of Women in Assistant Manager Positions 275 men
44 women
294 men
44 women
297 men
38 women
284 men
38 women
287 men
39 women
281 men
46 women

ご参照Other related data

  • ・Percentage of women employees
  • ・Percentage of women management-level employees
  • ・Percentage of women hired
  • ・Difference between men and women in years of continuous employee service
  • ・Percentage of female directors

  • Independent assurance report on women in the workplace

Male employees taking childcare leave

Percentage of male employees taking childcare leave
Average number of childcare leave days taken by male employees
3.7 days
3.5 days
11.7 days
17.2 days
26.5 days
38.8 days

Child-care Leave Usage Rates and Average Number of Days of Child-care Leave Used by Male Employees

Child-care Leave Usage Rates and Average Number of Days of Child-care Leave Used by Male Employees

Employees rehired through the reemployment system following a spouse’s work transfer

Number of rehired employees

Balancing Work and Care-giving

Number of employees taking leave for Care-giving

Total number of days 339 338 302 109 72 96
Number of employees 37 50 49 30 23 35

Employees Nearing Retirement Age

Rehired individuals

Employees rehired after reaching retirement age 17 29 31 31 43 29

Opportunities of Locally Hired Employees

Locally-hired employees: Number of general managers

Locally hired general managers 30 31 35 32 32 34

Number and percentage of foreign employees

Number of foreign employees
Total number of employees

Opportunities for Employees with Disabilities

Percentage of persons with disabilities hired

Number of hires 52 50 59 62 65.5 71.5
Percentage 2.00% 1.89% 2.20% 2.25% 2.39% 2.60%

ご参照Other related data

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