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Infrastructure & Healthcare Division

By combining Sojitz’s unique functions and ideas, the Infrastructure & Healthcare Division provides new solutions to create value. Specific areas of operation include energy, telecommunications, urban infrastructure, and healthcare, where businesses are developed in response to global social issues, including the rising demand for infrastructure and healthcare due to economic growth in emerging countries, climate change, digitalization, and the diversification of values.

Division Strategy

We will continue to help realize a prosperous and sustainable society by providing sophisticated infrastructure that balances economic growth with environmental impact.

Takefumi Nishikawa

Executive Officer, COO
Infrastructure & Healthcare Division

Based on the social issues and market needs that change with the times, the Infrastructure & Healthcare Division has identified essential infrastructure businesses as growth fields to be targeted in Japan and overseas. Specific themes for our essential infrastructure business initiatives include decarbonization, energy transitions, healthcare, and urban and telecommunications infrastructure. Three growth strategies have been defined for this division: 1) Develop, implement, and monetize businesses with a sense of scale that leverages our strengths; 2) Strengthen the profitability of and create value in existing businesses; and 3) Expand into new business areas and continue working on areas in which we foresee growth and future potential. In accordance with these growth strategies, the Infrastructure & Healthcare Division will seek to grow its business through investments in promising businesses and ongoing improvements to business value. We are expanding our scope beyond the previous focus of independent power producer (IPP) and public-private partnership (PPP) projects, which promise stable, long-term earnings, to turn attention toward business investment projects where we expect to be able to make progress by taking advantage of market growth, support of government policies in countries of operation, and Sojitz’s functions. We thereby aim to develop and create stronger and larger businesses. At the same time, the Infrastructure & Healthcare Division is moving ahead with the cultivation of personnel with a propensity for business creation and management through actual involvement in business development and management.

Strengths of Division

External Environment


  • Growing demand for essential infrastructure owing to robust economic and population growth in emerging countries
  • Transitions and paradigm shifts driven by revisions to government policies and regulations in response to climate change in countries around the world
  • Expanding opportunities to provide complex solutions to meet diversifying needs and an increasingly decentralized society


  • Country risks associated with sluggish economic growth in emerging countries and changes in political and economic conditions
  • Changes in the balance of supply and demand due to intensifying competition, and diminished business competitiveness due to new technologies, etc.
  • Changes to supply chains and business structures due to conflicts and other geopolitical risks


Business Map

Integrated urban development project (Indonesia)

Telecommunications tower

■Renewable Energy Businesses

We aim to proactively accelerate business development in growth markets by leveraging the knowledge we have gained in Japan and overseas through the development and operation of solar, onshore and offshore wind, and biomass power generation projects. We supply power and provide EV-related decarbonization services to meet demand from RE100 member companies and consumers for renewable energy solutions as we pursue further business expansion amidst the global trend towards decarbonization.

■Gas-Fired Power Generation Businesses

As part of the energy transition towards decarbonization and a low-carbon society, Sojitz develops and operates high-efficiency gas-fired power plants that meet the demand for the switchover to gas-fired power generation with lower environmental impact.

■Gas-Related Business

We are developing natural gas supply and decentralized renewable energy businesses in African and Asian countries where energy demand is growing. In addition to promoting a low-carbon society through the supply of natural gas, we will work to achieve decarbonization by optimizing energy usage via means such as promoting carbon neutrality at our industrial parks through the combination of renewable energy and new technologies.

■ICT Infrastructure Businesses (Telecommunications Towers, Data Centers)

Sojitz is developing data center businesses and ICT infrastructure sharing businesses, including telecommunications tower businesses. Amidst current trends including the popularization of cloud computing for business applications, remote work, and 5G networks, data traffic is expected to increase with the transition to a data-driven society. Through its telecommunications tower business, Sojitz aims to provide communications infrastructure with the resilience to support this transition. In the future, we will also advance cloud, optical fiber, and indoor telecommunications infrastructure sharing businesses in order to improve quality of life through the removal of the digital divide and contribute to the construction of a safe and prosperous digital society.
>Introducing ICT-related Businesses

■Urban Infrastructure and Industrial Park Businesses

We are developing and operating industrial parks in emerging Asian countries. We are providing highquality utility services and contributing to the sustainable development of local communities by providing high-value-added digital transformation and decarbonization services. Also, in Deltamas City in Indonesia, we are engaging in a comprehensive urban development project with ever-growing value that is well positioned for the future. The city integrates residential, commercial, industrial, administrative, educational, and medical facilities.
>Overseas Industrial Parks of Sojitz website (Japanese)

■Healthcare Business

Sojitz is creating healthcare platforms for providing healthcare solutions that contribute to the improvement of quality of life to ensure that everyone is able to live longer and healthier due to having easy access to the most efficient and optimized solutions.

In addition, Sojitz is operating hospital public-private partnership (PPP) projects in Turkey and Australia in close collaboration with local communities. In the primary healthcare business, we are expanding medical services that address market needs while working to promote digital transformation within the healthcare field.

■Energy Conservation Service Business

Sojitz is involved in the energy conservation service business in high-emission countries including the U.S. and Australia. Through this business, Sojitz is engaged in the proposal and construction of high-efficiency facilities and equipment in order to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the realization of a net-zero emission society.

In addition to growing existing businesses, Sojitz aims to further improve customer value by expanding service businesses including decentralized renewable energy and Energy as a Service (EaaS).




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