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Sojitz, The Kansai Electric Power Company, and West Japan Railway Company have reached basic agreement for a Corporate PPA

– Supplying Power from Renewable Sources and Providing Environmental Value (Certificate) as one of Japan’s Largest Corporate PPA Projects –

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Dec. 14, 2023
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”), The Kansai Electric Power Company (“Kansai Electric Power”), and West Japan Railway Company (“JR West Japan”) have reached basic agreement for a corporate PPA.*¹

Based on this agreement, Sojitz plans to provide environmental value (certificate) and renewable energy generated from a Sojitz-developed, owned, and operated solar power plant via Kansai Electric Power to supply power to operate JR West Japan’s major train lines, including the JR Kyoto Line and JR Kobe Line. This project will serve as one of the largest corporate PPA projects in Japan which provides both renewable energy power and environmental value (certificate).

Sojitz Group has a track record of developing and operating renewable energy power plants with approximately 2,000MW capacity both in Japan and overseas. Leveraging this expertise, Sojitz has built renewable energy power plants that meet consumer needs with the development of multiple new power plants across Japan that include everything from small-scale power generation facilities bundled for distributed generation to large-scale power plants. Through this PPA, Sojitz will supply the renewable energy power and environmental value (certificate).

Additionally, Sojitz will expand businesses in areas such as storage batteries, EVs, EV charging equipment, and solar power in parking lots and other EV-related infrastructure as part of its efforts to build and expand business models that meet diverse consumer needs through energy solutions for decarbonization.

Sojitz established the Sustainability Challenge*² as its long-term sustainability vision for contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society through its business activities as it strives for sustainable growth. Sojitz is partnering with consumers who seek renewable energy power and environmental value (certificate) as well as a wide array of investors looking to acquire renewable energy assets in order to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society.

*1: Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): A direct power purchase agreement concluded between a power generator and business (consumer) for the supply and procurement of generated power and environmental value (certificate).
*2: For further details on Sojitz’s Sustainability Challenge, please refer to the following link.
Sustainability Challenge: Sojitz’s Long-Term Sustainability Vision for 2050

[Project Overview]


Energy generator SPC established by Sojitz
Retail electricity supplier The Kansai Electric Power Company
Consumer West Japan Railway Company
Generation output*³ AC: Approx. 50,000kw; DC: Approx. 75,000kw
Start of commercial operations 2026 – 2027 (fiscal year)

*3: West Japan Railway will reduce annual CO2 emissions by 36,000t (calculated using Japan’s average emission factor of 0.434kg−CO2/kWh.)

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