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Sojitz and KOKUBU Expand Cold Chain Logistics Business in Vietnam

– Increasing Existing Warehouses Threefold for Logistics Business Expansion –

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Jul. 18, 2023
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) and KOKUBU GROUP CORP. (“KOKUBU”) have partnered with major Vietnamese logistics company, New Land Co., Ltd. (“NL”), to jointly establish Vietnam Japan Long An LLC (“NLVJ LA”). Sojitz and KOKUBU will build new logistics warehouses via NLVJ LA to expand the four-temperature cold chain logistics business in Vietnam from July 2023.


[Completed four-temperature cold chain logistics warehouse]

Sojitz and KOKUBU established New Land Vietnam Japan Joint Stock Company (“NLVJ”) as a joint venture in 2016 to begin business operation of a four-temperature logistics chain in southern Vietnam.

Vietnam’s economic growth has led to increased purchasing power and a rapid rise in modern retail formats (modern trade) such as supermarkets and convenience stores, and there is a growing need for secure, high-quality cold chain logistics in the country.

Based on these market conditions, Sojitz, KOKUBU, and NL aim to expand Vietnam’s food value chain by strengthening the cold chain logistics functions of Huong Thuy Manufacture Service Trading Corporation, one of Vietnam’s major wholesalers jointly operated by the three companies.

NLVJ LA’s new warehouses will increase NLVJ’s existing warehouses by close to threefold and create a four-temperature logistics center. NLVJ LA will provide modern cold-chain logistics services using its trucks and transport functions to consistently manage temperatures across all food product operations from food storage to shipment.

Through this expansion, Sojitz and KOKUBU will work together with NL to contribute to the development of a modern logistics infrastructure while simultaneously working towards increased customer satisfaction in Vietnam.

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Company Overview – NLVJ LA

Established March 1, 2022
Start of Operations July 10, 2023
Head Office Lot 14 and Lot 14A, Tan Duc Street, Tan Duc Industrial Park, Huu Thanh Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province, Vietnam
Representative Director Ryuki Sakurai
Voting Rights Ratio Sojitz (51%), KOKUBU (44%), NL (5%)
Main Business Four-temperature logistics business (room temperature, fixed temperature, refrigerated, and frozen) 
Overview of Warehouse Facilities Area: Site area: 58,000m2 , Floor area: 36,000m2
Storage capacity: Maximum 39,000 pallets
Location: 30km southwest from central Ho Chi Minh City (approximately 60 to 70 minutes by car)
Temperature zones:Room temperature, fixed temperature (10~25℃), refrigerated (0~10℃), frozen (-25~0℃)
Number of trucks: Approximately 70 trucks
Construction: Daiwa House Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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