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Sojitz Acts as Special Sponsor for Suzuki & Co. Theater Production

– Partnering with Kobe City to Host Invitational Events and Symposiums on Suzuki & Co.-related Businesses –

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Nov. 18, 2022
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz will serve as a special sponsor for the theatrical production of “Ka no Otoko Jujirou ni Mi o Okantosu” (presented by LiveUpCapsules; Representative: Yuko Murata) based on Suzuki & Co., which will be performed in April 2023 in both Tokyo and Kobe with the support of over 30 companies and municipal governments.

221118_01.jpgThe production was scheduled to be performed in April 2020 but was forced to close right before opening due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The upcoming performances will be carried out thanks to the support from the city of Kobe and a greater number of participating companies.

Sojitz will collaborate together with the city of Kobe (the founding city of Suzuki & Co.) for this Kobe theatrical production alongside Suzuki & Co. affiliates such as Kobe Future City Co., Ltd., Kobe-Osaka International Port Corporation, and Eki Soare Seishin Chuo shopping center to hold invitational events entitled “Gifts from Yone Suzuki.” The 2023 year will mark the 156thanniversary of the opening of the Port of Kobe. To honor this anniversary, 156 guests (including educators, tour guide volunteers, and port-affiliated parties) will be given free admission to selected venues. (The city of Kobe plans to organize and select the venues.)

Additionally, the city of Kobe plans to honor its historical contribution to Suzuki & Co.’s business legacy by hosting the following events after the theatrical production and 150th port opening anniversary.

(1)Discussion on the Port of Kobe and Suzuki & Co.
Panel Discussion
Location: Kobe Port Oasis

(2)Suzuki & Co.-related Walking Tour
Part of the BE-KOBE modern and postmodern history project*
Location: Chuo-ward, Kobe

(3)Exhibition of Historical Artifacts and Books
Valuable materials and books related to Suzuki & Co. will be introduced.
Location: Kobe City Museum / Kobe Sannomiya Municipal Library

*BE KOBE modern and postmodern history project
The project is run by young volunteer members in Kobe. The organization’s website communicates Kobe’s history in an easy-to-understand format and aims to inspire love for Kobe and foster Kobe pride.

All events are scheduled around April 2023, and Sojitz will provide support together with the Tatsumi Association, Suzuki Shoten Museum, and other companies and organizations affiliated with this theatrical production.

Sojitz began publishing a historical manga starting from June 2022 entitled “Hassojitz - A General Trading Company ‘The Pioneers who Paved the Future of Japan,’” which was donated to Kobe Children’s Book Forest and Kobe public libraries (12 locations) in order to broadly educate the next generations on Sojitz’s company history, which includes Suzuki & Co.

This theatrical production features Suzuki & Co.’s head clerk, Naokichi Kaneko, who instructs employees to travel around the world as they create one new business after another. Viewers are introduced to the strong sense of mission felt by general trading company staff (“shosha persons”) at the time, and the energy and speed with which these employees realized business initiatives. Just as the company is portrayed onstage, Sojitz will strive to create a future of prosperity that carries on the mission of its predecessors.

Overview of Theater Production

Date/Location Tokyo  Monday, April 10 – Sunday, April 16, 2023
Theater Sun Mall(Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Kobe  Thursday, April 20 – Sunday, April 23, 2023
Kobe Port Oasis(Chuo-ku, Kobe)
Website sales planned for February)
Special sponsor Sojitz

Taiyo Koko Co., Ltd., The Suzuki Menthol Co., Ltd., Nichirin Co., Ltd.

Partners Kobe Steel, Ltd., Teijin Ltd., Daicel Co., NIPPN Co., Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd., IHI Co., JMU Amtec Co., Ltd., Sapporo Breweries Ltd., NOF Co., J-Oil Mills, Inc., NHK Spring Co., Ltd., Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., Ohmoto Gumi Co., Ltd., Nikko Co., Ltd., Nichien Co., Ltd., Miwa Co., The Nippon Koryo Yakuhin Kaisha, Ltd., Ginsuiso Choraku, Kameido Sohonten, Shibuya Oil & Chemicals Ltd., Goto Kaisoten Ltd., Kyoyei Co., Ltd., Kobe Future City Co., Ltd., Kobe-Osaka International Port Co., and Eki Soare Seishin-Chuo
Support City of Kobe, Kobe Shimbun, and Kobe University
Special Support Tatsumi Association, Suzuki Shoten Museum

・Kobe news releases on Suzuki & Co.-related events

“Sojitz Donates History Manga to Kobe Children’s Book Forest and Kobe City Libraries.”
Sojitz Corp. TOPICS, 1 August 2022.

[For questions, contact:]
Sojitz Corporation Public Relations Dept. +81-3-6871-3404

[For inquiries on “Gifts from Yone Suzuki” invitational events]
Kobe Port and Harbor Bureau Promotion Section +81-78-595-6282
*For further information on the Suzuki & Co.-related panel discussion, walking tour, and historical exhibit, please refer to the materials provided by the city of Kobe.

[For information on the performance, contact:]
J-Stage Navi +81-3-6672-2421(Weekdays 12:00-18:00)

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