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Sojitz and Johor Corporation Form Tie-Up to Promote Decarbonization Initiatives in Malaysia’s State of Johor

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Sep. 27, 2022
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) and Johor Corporation (“JCorp”), a Malaysian principal development institution, have signed a memorandum for joint cooperation on feasibility studies for the commercialization of hydrogen and ammonia-based decarbonization initiatives in Malaysia’s state of Johor as of September 27, 2022.

Sojitz and JCorp plan to carry out feasibility studies with the aim of building a sustainable supply chain that encompasses everything from the import of hydrogen and ammonia to its utilization as fuel. More specifically, Sojitz Asia Pte. Ltd. and JLand Group Sdn Bhd, which conducts real estate and infrastructure investments for JCorp Group, will jointly conduct feasibility studies for the development of an ammonia receiving terminal, ammonia-fired gas turbine thermal plant, the supply of ammonia for marine fuel, as well as commercialization of a carbon neutral port that utilizes hydrogen from a port managed by JCorp’s subsidiary. Especially, Sojitz will lead efforts to determine the optimal supplier and transportation methods for hydrogen and ammonia and calculate the most economically feasible business plan.

Johor is a state in Malaysia where advanced, energy intensive industries are on the rise. Based on the results of these feasibility studies, Sojitz and JCorp will establish guidelines for building a hydrogen and ammonia supply chain. Ultimately, Sojitz and JCorp aim to provide a stable supply of sustainable green energy to Johor’s industries to contribute to the decarbonization of the industrial sector in Johor.

Feasibility studies will target the Johor Strait, a strategic area for marine transportation. Hydrogen and ammonia are expected to supply to ships and neighboring industrial parks. Additionally, clean hydrogen and ammonia will be procured from markets in Malaysia and abroad and imported to Johor, which will promote investment opportunities for the business industry.

In recent years, ammonia has received attention as a next-generation fuel for gas-fired power plants and marine vessels based on the fact that ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen that does not emit carbon dioxide when burned. Ammonia is also easier to liquify and transport in comparison to hydrogen, and ammonia is anticipated to function as an energy carrier for hydrogen.

Sojitz will leverage its diverse business experience across multiple industries in Asia and abroad to build a value chain for hydrogen, ammonia, and other next-generation fuels.

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