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Bukit Jalil Tsutaya Books to Open on Thursday, July 7th

– Based on the Concept of “Cultivate Lifestyle & Culture” TSUTAYA BOOKS Opens its First Store in ASEAN –

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Jul. 7, 2022
Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.
Sojitz Corporation
TSUTAYA BOOKS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. (“CCC”) and Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) established a joint venture company, which concluded a franchise agreement with the local franchise partner, and TSUTAYA BOOKS will now open its first store in ASEAN with BUKIT JALIL TSUTAYA BOOKS on Thursday, July 7th, 2022.

220707_01.jpgBUKIT JALIL TSUTAYA BOOKS Image Movie: *Japanese language and English subtitle

BUKIT JALIL TSUTAYA BOOKS is situated on the second floor of the Pavilion Bukit Jalil shopping center, which is the largest integrated regional lifestyle mall in Malaysia that opened in December 2021. The mall is located in the popular residential and commercial neighborhood of Bukit Jalil in the southern part of Greater Kuala Lumpur. 

BUKIT JALIL TSUTAYA BOOKS is a large-scale bookstore complex that is based on the concept “Cultivate Lifestyle & Culture,” offering curated lifestyle inspiration. As part of the bookstore’s concept, the word “cultivate” refers to developing one’s character and establishing personal customs, as well as to fostering relationships. BUKIT JALIL TSUTAYA BOOKS will provide visitors with a relaxing communal space to gather within the local community.

This large-scale bookstore and café complex is centered around four themes (Children, Art, Reading, and Lifestyle Proposal) and aims to become a space that inspires customers with a selection of books in each theme available in English, Chinese, Malay, and Japanese.


A new art exhibition space
 Art-related books will be showcased in chronological order from the past to the present, and visitors can see its historical progression in the bookstore’s “art street.” An art gallery space will feature Japanese and Malaysian artists and seeks to shine a spotlight on new up-and-coming local artists. For the store opening, the gallery will display popular Japanese photographer Kotori Kawashima’s photo collection “Ohayo Moshi Moshi Aishiteru” alongside well-featured Malaysian ceramic artist Glen and his collection of Japanese rice ball inspired “O-NI-GI-RI” cups.


2Lifestyle solutions for a diversified culture
Malaysia is an ethnically diverse country with a rich variety of traditional cultures. BUKIT JALIL TSUTAYA BOOKS will propose new lifestyle solutions that incorporate Japanese culture, and visitors will have the opportunity to encounter the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship through a range of curated Japanese products only be available at BUKIT JALIL TSUTAYA BOOKS. Products include the “Mizu Uchichawa,” a fan designed by Kaminoshigoto that puts a modern twist on the 1300-year tradition of Japanese paper, Mino Washi, as well as the AERO CONCEPT brand which utilizes the precise manufacturing technology for aircraft parts construction to produce fully handmade bags.


 3Enjoy a leisurely stay at the book and café
Malaysia’s first large-scale bookstore and café complex where guests can bring their pre-purchased books and magazines into the store and enjoy them in a relaxed atmosphere with food and coffee.

The café menu offers Malaysian guests with a selection of Japanese sweets such as matcha lattes and red bean pancakes as well as one-plate entrees and open-faced sandwiches. Japanese food professionals offera new dining experience at IVY TOKYO.


4) Malaysia’s largest children’s bookstore

which mainly targets new families in their 20s to 40s, offers one of Malaysia’s largest book selections for children to inspire their growth and development.

In addition to Japanese language picture books, there will be books translated into English, Chinese, and Malay. Children can explore a large selection of stories from around the world.


TSUTAYA BOOKS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd will serve as a birthplace for lifestyle inspiration and culture in Malaysia and aims to provide customers with quality inputs of inspiration to promote personal growth and transformation.


Store Location Pavilion Bukit Jalil, No. 2, Persiaran Jalil 8, Bandar Bukit Jalil 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Products and Services Books, stationary, magazines, art, and cafe
Store Area Approx. 2,650m²
Store Hours 10:00~22:00

Overview of TSUTAYA BOOKS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Office Location Level 23, Menara IMC, No8, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Chief Executive Officer Hiroyuki Uemoto

For inquiries, please contact:
Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. Public Relations TEL:03-6800-4764
Sojitz Corporation Public Relations Dept. TEL:03-6871-3404

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