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Sojitz Establishes Agricultural Company

– Building a Year-round Supply System for GAP-certified Agricultural Products in Japan –

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Jul. 1, 2022
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz) has announced the establishment of Sojitz Nogyo Corporation (“Sojitz Nogyo”).

In recent years, the need for a sustainable and stable supply of environmentally friendly domestic vegetables has been increasing due to unseasonable weather, rising prices, growing interest in food security in each country, and changes in consumers' awareness of the environment and food safety.

Sojitz aims to build a system that enables the year-round supply of GAP-certified agricultural products nationwide through Sojitz Nogyo and will implement the following measures.

1)Support agricultural producers to obtain GAP*¹certification in order to increase GAP-certified agricultural products distributed within Japan.
2)Provide storage facilities, processing facilities, and other necessary functions required for joint production with agricultural producers for GAP-certified agricultural products.
3)Construct a stable and sustainable supply system through the establishment of an efficient nationwide distribution network of agricultural products.
4)Increase the supply of agricultural products through appropriate conversion of rice-fields*² and the creation of other new production sites.

Sojitz strives to increase the competitiveness of Japan’s agricultural industry through these measures, while maintaining and expanding regional employment in order to address social problems with new solutions.

*1: GAP is an acronym for “Good Agricultural Practices” that refers to international standards for appropriate production control in five fields, including food safety, environmental conservation, worker safety, protection of human rights, and farm management.
Agricultural producers with good agricultural practices (GAP) in the aforementioned five fields are eligible for international certification (JGAP, ASIAGAP, GLOBALGAP) following verification by a third-party organization with an objective screening.
*2: The appropriate conversion of rice fields for use as vegetable fields or production of other agricultural products.


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Company Overview – Sojitz Nogyo Corporation

Representative Director Takuma Okada
Established June 22nd, 2022
Shareholders Sojitz Corporation – 100%
Main Business ・Production and sale of agricultural products
・Sale of agricultural-related products (agricultural materials etc)
・Logistics, storage and processing of agricultural products
・Development and operation of agriculture-related systems

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