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Sojitz Supports Women in the Workplace through New Health Initiatives

– Signing an Agreement with Sputniko!’s Cradle Inc. to Start an Internal Education Program –

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Mar. 30, 2022
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) has announced it will introduce new initiatives as of April 2022 to support women’s health and promote the retention of female employees.

[New Initiatives]
1)Sojitz expands the scope of health check offerings for female employees
While cervical and breast cancer screenings were previously only offered to female employees over age 35, all female employees will now be eligible for routine cervical and breast cancer screenings after joining the company. Regular screenings make early cancer detection and treatment possible and promote employee health and career longevity.

2)Sojitz’s Health Care Room introduces a dedicated gynecologist to support female employees.
Sojitz’s Health Care Room has contracted the support of a gynecologist for employees to freely consult on gynecological health. By addressing menstrual and menopausal issues to lessen the severity of symptoms, female employees can gain physical and mental health benefits that will allow them to continually perform at their best.

3)Sojitz forms a service use agreement with Cradle Inc., a company that promotes diversity and inclusion with a focus on women’s health
Sojitz has concluded a service use agreement with Cradle Inc. (Representative Director: Mari Ozaki known by pseudonym Sputniko!; “Cradle”) to offer Sojitz employees online education seminars by doctors and experts. Through these programs, Sojitz aims to advance women in the workplace and promote employee health. Additionally, Sojitz will begin offering employees and their partners support with infertility treatment through Cradle’s services.

Sojitz provides special leave to create flexible working conditions in order to support employees receiving fertility treatment. Moving forward, Sojitz plans to establish an in-house fertility consultation service to make fertility counseling more accessible to employees as well as to spread infertility awareness to manager-level employees and throughout the company.

[Health Management at Sojitz]
Sojitz has continued to promote health management initiatives headed by the president in collaboration with the Human Resources Department, Sojitz Employees Union, and Sojitz Health Insurance Union. Sojitz approaches employee health from three fronts: 1) prevention, 2)health checks, 3) support for employees balancing treatments and work. Sojitz has been recognized for its health management practices as a “Health and productivity” company for the fourth consecutive year.

In terms of prevention, Sojitz offers employees nutritional counseling with a registered dietician as a measure to prevent lifestyle diseases, subsidizes the costs of outpatient smoking cessation programs, employs both in-house and external mental health specialists, and offers a variety of health-related seminars.

Sojitz believes routine health checks are essential for early detection of disease. Since 2018, Sojitz has introduced cancer screenings for employees over age 40 that are carried out once every three years, and Sojitz has maintained a 100% participation rate.

In addition to expanding its leave system so that employees can focus on health treatments in the event of a disease or illness, Sojitz provides a flexible environment to support employees who wish to continue work while undergoing treatments through the company’s flextime system (without core hours) and telework system. Sojitz also subsidizes state-of-the-art medical cancer treatments for Sojitz employees and their partners and children so that all employees and their families can undergo treatments with peace of mind.


Through these initiatives, Sojitz Group seeks to practice its commitment to “Sojitz Healthy Value” * and will continue to strive to realize its corporate statement of creating value and prosperity.

*Sojitz Group commitment to “Sojitz Healthy Value”
・We believe that the physical and mental health of employees and a sound working environment are the keys to creating “value and prosperity” as set forth in our corporate statement.
・Sojitz Group supports the individual efforts employees and their families make towards maintaining and improving their health, while striving to create a work environment in which each and every employee is able to fully exercise their abilities.

[Related Information]

Company Overview – Cradle Inc.

Established December 16th, 2019
Head Office 1-11-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director Mari Ozaki
Main Business Provides diversity and inclusion services to corporate clients

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