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Sojitz Participates in Syrdarya II IPP Project in Uzbekistan

– Developing One of Uzbekistan’s Largest Power Generating Facilities –

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Mar. 29, 2022
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) has formed a consortium with major French power company EDF(Électricité de France), Qatar power generation company Nebras Power Q.P.S.C., and Kyuden International Corporation. The consortium has signed project agreements, including a long-term power purchase agreement in connection with Syrdarya II IPP*¹ project (the ”Project”). The Project is the first IPP project in Uzbekistan with investment from a Japanese company.

The Project involves the design, construction, ownership, financing, operation and maintenance of a 1,600 MW gas-fired combined cycle power plant*² south of the capital city of Tashkent in Shirin, which is part of the Syrdarya region. Sojitz and its partners have signed a 25-year long-term power purchase agreement with Uzbekistan’s state-owned power transmission company, JSC National Electric Grid of Uzbekistan. The Project will provide a stable supply of energy with improved energy efficiency and contribute to the country’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality*³.


[Syrdarya region in Uzbekistan]

In recent years, Uzbekistan has enacted Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) legislation, introduced the single exchange rate, liberalized the foreign exchange market, and introduced other reforms to promote foreign investment. The energy sector in Uzbekistan is demonstrating stable growth, and the country is strengthening power related infrastructure to meet an increasing energy demand by promoting foreign investment.

Sojitz aims to contribute to the development of countries and regions in central and greater Asia by implementing projects which satisfy national and regional needs and continue to work towards building a sustainable society through its business activities.

*1: IPP: Independent Power Producer
*2: Gas-fired combined cycle power plant: A power plant fueled by gas that combines both a gas turbine and steam turbine for increased energy efficiency.
*3: Uzbekistan has announced a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, which includes the goal of replacing old power plants built in the Soviet era with new high efficiency power plants.

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