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Sojitz Forms Capital and Business Tie-up with Twinner GmbH, a German Car Autoscanner Developer Providing Digital Vehicle Image Data.

– Utilizing Next-Generation Technology to Increase Transparency in Car Distribution and Contribute to Sales Efficiency –

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Mar. 18, 2022
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) has acquired stake in Twinner GmbH (“Twinner”), a German car autoscanner developer digitalizing vehicle interior and exterior data. With this agreement, Sojitz has obtained distribution rights for Twinner in Japan.

Twinner developed a scanner system, “Twinner Space,” which generates a digital twin of the vehicle within five minutes utilizing AI cloud technology to provide a 360-degree panoramic scan of the vehicle’s interior and exterior. As a result, it is possible to assess the vehicle through detection of the car’s condition (interior and exterior scratches, dents, scuffs, bent car frames, repair history, body painting history, and state of tire grooves.) The results of the scan can be confirmed on tablets via an app, and Twinner Space makes it possible to provide third parties with images of the vehicle from every angle.



[Overview of the Twinner Scan System]

Twinner’s advanced technology is drawing attention in Europe, and the company received Germany’s Hugo-Junkers Prize 2019, which is awarded to companies and researchers who have successfully developed next-generation technologies.

While Twinner Space is primarily used by European auto manufacturers for their sales networks, Twinner Space is also widely utilized by multiple players in the automotive distribution value chain (auction, leasing, insurance, land transportation, vehicle commercialization centers, and car sales companies.) Additionally, Twinner’s scanning services are not limited to companies, and Twinner has begun offering its services to general users. Twinner has established itself as leading company in the segment for automotive scanning and digitalizing systems. Japan’s first Twinner Space unit will open to the public from July 2022 for scanning vehicles at its installation site in Sojitz Auto Group Tokai Co., Ltd. (Kiyosu, Aichi Prefecture).

In the used car distribution market, it is difficult to provide transparency on the condition and history of each vehicle. Twinner Space provides dealers with digital data that be utilized to effectively assess and market vehicles. Twinner Space will be provided under a subscription-based model. Sojitz aims to greatly increase both the quality and quantity of information available for vehicles, and Sojitz sees Twinner Space as an important component for its online car distribution platform that will contribute to digital transformation (DX) in the car distribution industry.

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Company Overview – Twinner GmbH

Established 2019
Head Office Edmund-von-Lippmann-Str. 13-15, 06112 Halle (Saale), Germany
Representative Director Silvan Cloud Rath
Main Business Manufacture and sale of car autoscanners for digitalizing vehicle
Number of Employees Approximately 100

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