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Sojitz Wins Grand Prize at the 1st NIKKEI Integrated Report Awards

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Feb. 25, 2022
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) announces today that its Integrated Report 2021 has won the grand prize at the 1st NIKKEI Integrated Report Award program.

Since 2015, Sojitz has published an integrated report each year with the aim of providing comprehensive explanations on the company’s strengths and value creation process for the benefit of investors, securities analysts, and all stakeholders.

In Integrated Report 2021, Sojitz centers Medium-term Management Plan 2023 – Start of the Next Decade – as the first step towards realizing its vision for 2030 of becoming a general trading company that continues to create business and develop capable people. Sojitz’s senior management, outside directors, and employees use their own words to provide explanations in Integrated Report 2021, which includes both financial and non-financial information that spans Sojitz’s growth strategies based on medium-term management plan, the corporate DNA that serves as the source for Sojitz’s value creation, and ESG information foundational for sustainable value creation.

On behalf of the company’s numerous stakeholders, Sojitz will continue to deepen understanding and trust in Sojitz Group by valuing opportunities to host stakeholder discussions and continuing to raise the company’s corporate value.

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Nikkei Integrated Report Award
Held annually by Nikkei Inc. since 1998, the Nikkei Annual Report Awards aim to improve and promote annual reports published by Japanese companies. In recent years, annual reports have evolved to include both financial information and ESG and other non-financial information as “integrated reports,” which have drawn a great deal of attention. In light of these circumstances, Nikkei Inc. renamed the Nikkei Annual Report Award in 2021 as the Nikkei Integrated Report Award. In addition to introducing an expanded, multi-tiered judging system, Nikkei Inc. has also restructured and improved its awards framework. A total of 290 companies participated in the Nikkei Integrated Report Award 2021, which included: 1 Grand Prize (Sojitz), 3 Second Prizes, 3 Special Recognition awards, and 14 Excellence awards.

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