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Sojitz Invests in Singapore’s 2D Materials Pte. Ltd. to Enter the Graphene Industry

-Generating Demand and Commercializing Graphene through Trading Company Functions to Realize an Eco-friendly Society-

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Jun. 24, 2021
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) has acquired stake in 2D Materials Pte. Ltd. (“2DM”), a Singapore-based company engaged in the manufacture and sale of graphene. Through this partnership with 2DM, Sojitz will enter the next-generation technology and new materials field.

Graphene is one type of nanocarbon material that is garnering global attention as the “ultimate nanomaterial” due to its diverse properties. Graphene is a mesh-like sheet of hexagonal carbon atoms with a honeycomb structure that resembles the cross section of a beehive. Graphene’s properties include being atomically thin, lightweight, flexible, and transparent, and it is a strong material with comparable strength to a diamond that can also be flexibly bent.

210624e.jpg[Structure of graphene]

In addition, graphene is highly thermally and electrically conductive, and demand for graphene is consequently expected to grow as an alternative material to silicon and precious materials. Based on its properties, graphene has the potential for commercialization in multiple fields spanning energy storage to paints and coatings. One application is to use graphene as an industrial additive for electronic components, aluminum, or plastic products, which increases conductivity and durability to enhance product function.

210624_02.jpg[2DM / Graphene / Facilities]

While graphene has high potential as a nanomaterial, it is also a high-cost material that is difficult to manufacture, presenting challenges that must be overcome to achieve full-scale commercialization.

2DM is a spinoff company from the National University of Singapore’s Centre of Advanced 2D Materials (CA2DM). CA2DM is one of the leading 2-dimensional (2D) materials research institutes in the world. Under the leadership of Professor Antonio Castro Neto and Dr Ricardo Oliveira, a proprietary graphene production process was created. This proprietary production process is a clean manufacturing process and produces high-quality graphene at a high yield. It utilizes environmentally friendly solvents, unlike some competitors who manufacture graphene using solvents and chemicals which are environmentally harsh. This high yield allows 2DM to offer high quality graphene at a very competitive price.

2DM not only offers high quality graphene in the powder form, but it also supplies graphene in various formats such as masterbatches and suspensions based on clients’ process requirements. The integration of graphene into the various applications is often as important as the quality of the graphene. With its strong technical team, 2DM helps clients with the integration of graphene with technical support as well. Other than the 2DM technical team, 2DM has a board of advisors that includes a collaborative network of leaders in the graphene industry as well as a 2010 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Sir Kostya Novoselov.

Leveraging its global network of approximately 5000 partner companies in the chemicals industry along with its sales and procurement networks, Sojitz will promote practical application of 2DM’s high-quality, competitively priced graphene. By achieving commercialization, which has yet to be realized, Sojitz and 2DM aim to achieve a dominant position within the industry. Additionally, by promoting the use of energy-saving and material-conserving graphene materials, Sojitz will contribute to the realization of an eco-friendly society.

Company Overview – 2D Materials Pte. Ltd.

Established July 2015
Location Blk 16C#04-41, JTC Space @Tuas, Tuas Avenue 1, Singapore
(639535), Singapore
Representative Director Ricardo Vinicius Bof de Oliveira
Main Business Manufacture and sale of graphene products and intermediaries
Development of electronic components, high-performance composite materials and coatings using graphene

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