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Development of Office Building in Nambanaka 2-chome

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Nov. 16, 2020
Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Sojitz Corporation
Development Bank of Japan Inc.

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative Director: Teruhiko Achikita; “Nankai Electric Railway”), Sojitz Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masayoshi Fujimoto; “Sojitz”), and the Development Bank of Japan Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hajime Watanabe; “DBJ”) have as three companies established a special purpose company (Namba Development SPC), to begin construction on an office building development in Nambanaka 2-chome, Naniwa-ku, Osaka on land leased to Nankai Electric Railway by Nippi Inc.

This mid-sized office building will be 14 stories above ground with a total floor area of approximately 19,700 m², and total leasable space of approximately 960m² (approx. 290 tsubo). The office building is exposed to light on three sides and realizes an open space constructed without pillars. The non-automated lower level parking garage accommodates 172 vehicles, which meets the parking needs of office tenants and nearby shopping centers. The development will extend the pedestrian network from Nankai Namba Station to Namba Parks shopping complex. The pedestrian deck space will connect to the second floor of the building, which will include designated space for shops. The goal of this development project is to increase foot traffic south of the Namba area, bringing new energy to the neighborhood.

Based on Nankai Electric Railway’s mid-term management plan—the “Kyoso 136 Plan”—the company is working to drive urban development in Namba and to expand the real estate business. This development will enhance urban functions in the Nankai Terminal Building’s neighboring zones, as well as further expand the development area to create “Greater Namba,” increasing the appeal of the entire area.

Sojitz’s company-wide policy is to contribute to the sustainable development and growth of society. Leveraging its experience developing and operating offices, residences, and industrial parks both in Japan and abroad, Sojitz will work together with Nankai Electric Railway and DBJ on this project to support further development and revitalization of the Namba area.

DBJ recognizes that this development will both contribute to the region’s self-sustained growth by enhancing urban functions in Namba, as well as strengthen the competitiveness of Nankai Electric Railway and Sojitz. DBJ will provide financial support to the project as part of its Special Investment Operations.*
* Special Investment Operations: DBJ provides concentrated growth capital over a limited period as part of its Special Investment Operations, which uses national investment funds (industry investment). The purpose of this funding is to supply growth capital to the private sector, revitalize local economies, and strengthen the competitiveness of Japanese companies.

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[Attachment] Overview of Building Development

1. Overview of the Development

Business name Nambanaka 2-chome Development Plan (Site B Plan)(Tentative)
Business owner Namba Development Special Purpose Company
Location 2-21 Nambanaka 2-chome, Naniwa-ku, Osaka (lot number)
Site area 2,505.78㎡
Construction area 2,179.47㎡(planned)
Total floor area 19,685.39㎡(planned)
Structure/Scale Steel frame; 14 stories above ground
Use of building Offices, shops, parking lot
Construction period November 2020 – January 2023 (planned)

2. Map of Location


3. Building Exterior


Please refer to the chart below for an overview of the development plans for each site in
Nambanaka 2-chome owned by Nippi Inc.

Overview of Development Sites

Site A Site B Site C
Developer Centara Osaka SPC Namba Development SPC Taisei Corporation
Kanden Realty & Development
Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Location 2-21 Nambanaka 2-chome,
Naniwa-ku, Osaka (Lot 2, Lot 1)
2-21 Nambanaka 2-chome,
Naniwa-ku, Osaka (Lot 2)
2-21 Nambanaka 2-chome,
Naniwa-ku, Osaka (Lot 1, Lot 3)
Site Area 4,404.72㎡ 2,505.78㎡ 2,004.84㎡
Building Area 3,580.50㎡ 2,179.47㎡ 1,131.44 ㎡
Total Floor Area 39,175.30㎡ 19,685.39㎡ 9,337.07㎡
Structure/ Scale

Steel frame partially reinforced
by concrete 34 stories above grround Penthouse 1st floor

Steel frame
14 stories above ground
Steel frame
9 stories above ground
Usage Hotel (515 rooms), shops
*A Centara Hotels & Resorts-managed high-end hotel
Office, shops, parking lot Hotel (249 rooms), shops, parking lot
*A Hotel Keihan-managed hotel
(Tentative name: “Hotel Keihan Namba Grande”)
Architect Taisei Corporation
First-class architectural firm
Taisei Corporation
First-class architectural firm
Taisei Corporation
First-class architectural firm
Construction Taisei Corporation JV
under Taisei Corporation and Nankai Tatsumura Construction Co., Ltd.

Construction Period April 2020 – March 2023 November 2020 – January 2023 July 2021 – January 2023

Nankai Electric Railway’s business role at each site is outlined below.

■A Site ・・・ Nankai Electric Railway leases land from Nippi Inc., which it then subleases to an SPC under Centara Hotels & Resorts, Taisei Corporation, and Kanden Realty & Development for development of Site A.

■B Site ・・・ Nankai Electric Railway acts as the main investor to establish an SPC. Nankai Electric Railway leases land from Nippi Inc., which it then subleases to this SPC for development of Site B.

■C Site ・・・ Nankai Electric Railway will work alongside Taisei Corporation and Kanden Realty & Development.

Nankai Electric Railway will continue to take an active role in contributing to the development of Site B and all sites to increase the appeal of the Namba area, bringing energy and greater value to the neighborhood.

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