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Sojitz Recognized as a “White 500” Company for the Second Consecutive Year

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Mar. 4, 2020
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) has been certified again this year as a “White 500” company, actively working to promote employee health and implementing superior health management systems.


The “White 500” Logo

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry sets the evaluation criteria for entry into the White 500, while Nippon Kenko Kaigi works together with corporate health insurance associations to recognize large companies implementing superior health management. Among the 1,481 companies recognized for their superior health management, only the 500 top-scoring companies in the management survey qualified for entry into the White 500.

Sojitz Group has established and committed to “Sojitz Healthy Value” which aims to promote employees’ mental/physical health and increase work engagement. In this way, Sojitz Group continues to work towards keeping Sojitz employees and their families healthy.

Sojitz will work together with its corporate health insurance association as it endeavours to prevent illness, promote health, and help employees balance medical treatment with work responsibilities. The company aims to raise employee productivity and corporate value through full physical exam participation rates (100% of employees in FY2018), cancer prevention initiatives (introducing cancer screenings and subsidies for state-of-the-art treatments), support for employee health initiatives (establishing a health help desk and provide nutritional advice), and mental health measures.

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