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Sojitz Establishes Corporate Venture Capital Fund

- Creating Innovation and Acquiring New/Enhancing Existing Functions -

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Jan. 29, 2019
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) will partner with Fenox Venture Capital, Inc. (Head Office: California, U.S.; Representative Director: Anis Uzzaman; “Fenox”) to establish a corporate venture capital fund (“CVC”) to invest in start-ups in countries around the world.

The rapid changes in the business environment in recent years have made it increasingly important that our outside partners are equipped with emerging technologies and services.

By partnering with Fenox, Sojitz aims to provide funding to start-ups with innovative technologies and services in North America, Europe, Israel, Japan, and Southeast Asia, while simultaneously pursuing opportunities to develop new business that will contribute to further growth for both these start-ups and Sojitz.

Sojitz will not only seek to create new business in existing fields, but also take on unexplored business areas to create new value.

In addition to establishing this corporate venture capital fund, Sojitz is also setting up an investment framework at Tokyo HQ to facilitate partnerships with start-ups as a means of creating innovative business with a global reach.

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Company Overview – Fenox Venture Company XXVI, L.P.

Established January 2019
Head Office Delaware, U.S.
Region of Investment Global investment with a focus on North America and Asia
Target Stage of Investment Primarily early stage investment
Target Sectors (1) New business that combines Sojitz’s existing business and assets
(2) New business discerned to be worthy of future development

Company Overview – Fenox Venture Capital, Inc.

Established May 2011
Head Office San Jose, California
Representative Director Anis Uzzaman, Ph. D

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