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Honoring the “Supply Chain CSR Action Guidelines” in Our Palm Oil Business ーPalm Oil Procurement Policyー

To ensure responsible palm oil procurement, Sojitz established a “Palm Oil Procurement Policy” in December 2020 based on the “Sojitz Group Supply Chain CSR Action Guidelines.”

Palm Oil Procurement Policy

In honoring the Sojitz Group Statement, we are committed to do our best to cooperate with our business partners to procure palm oil in line with the following policies that are based on the Sojitz Group CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chains.

  1. 1.Legality
    All palm oil that we handle will be in compliance with international laws and local regulations for palm oil production sites.
  2. 2.Environmental Consideration
    We will handle eco-friendly palm oil that does not contribute to a decline in natural forests and peatlands, or to a loss of wildlife.
  3. 3.Social Consideration
    We will handle palm oil that prioritizes occupational safety not only at farms and processing plants, but also for local communities and residents.


This policy covers all palm oil and related palm oil products handled by Sojitz and its consolidated subsidiaries (hereafter, “palm oil.”)

  1. 1.We are committed to upholding the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) sustainability principles as we expand business with suppliers who are working to increase traceability.
  2. 2.We will conduct surveys of suppliers to assess the legality and environmental and social considerations of their initiatives.
  3. 3.We will evaluate the results of these surveys based on Sojitz’s Palm Oil Procurement Policy and conduct local field surveys.
  4. 4.We will strengthen and promote this Policy through understanding and evaluation of suppliers’ activities and by conducting routine field surveys.


Sojitz Group is committed to sourcing 100% of the palm oil we handle from RSPO-certified supply chains and other supply chains that comply with similar standards by 2025.

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