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Sustainability Initiatives under Medium-term Management Plan 2023

Vision of Sojitz and Direction

Sojitz has stated that its vision for 2030 is to become a general trading company that continues to create business and develop capable people while increasing its corporate value by creating businesses and value (both business and human resource) that respond to market needs and social issues. Medium-term Management Plan 2023 marks the start of this effort.


Vision of Sojitz and Direction

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Growth Strategy for Creating Value

The following growth strategies are designed to generate value through business and elevate Sojitz’s overall corporate value. The foundation for these strategies will be understanding market needs and social issues based on megatrends, and leveraging our unique strengths. In particular, from the perspective of medium- to long-term sustainability, we are closely focusing on and discussing market needs and social issues, and are reflecting these needs and issues in our policies and implementing them in our businesses.


Growth Strategy for Creating Value

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At the core of this is our Sustainability Challenge, Sojitz’s long-term vision for 2050 that consists of decarbonization and respect for human rights within supply chains.

Sojitz aims to address each of the social issues listed in our Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality) on an ongoing basis.

initiatives to realize a decarbonized society

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  • Decarbonization policy

    Decarbonization policy
  • Compliance with TCFD


For details about our respect for human rights within supply chains, click here.

Respect for Human Rights within Supply Chains

For details about other social issues

  • Environment

  • Human Rights

    Human Rights
  • Resources

  • Local Communities

    Local Communities


We have established the following areas of focus by aligning Sojitz’s strengths with current megatrends and market needs.
We are concentrating our resources (both human and financial) in these areas and implementing corporate reforms to tackle these issues systematically.

areas of focus

News Releases

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