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Sojitz has selected the following Key Sustainability Issues (materiality) .

Themes Contents
Local Communities: Develop and grow together with local communities Sojitz promotes businesses that grow together with local communities.
We work to reduce environmental and social burden on local communities through our businesses.
Through ongoing communication with local communities, we strive to achieve business sustainability, address local problems and support children’s education.

Relative Policies

Social Contributions:Basic Approach



Key Sustainability Issues Sustainability
Business Area Planned Approach
Local Communities Promote businesses that grow together with developing countries Transportation and transport infrastructure In the management business for our consigned airport, we will strive for smooth facility operations and an increase in the satisfaction of airport users.
We will aim for a modal shift connected to reduction of CO2 in the railroad construction business focused on developing countries and railcar maintenance business, as well as the promotion of economic growth in local communities.
Medical infrastructure We will aim for the sound execution of hospital management in Turkey, and in the future, the development of businesses in other countries calling for an improvement in medical infrastructure.
Urban infrastructure Through the establishment of infrastructure forming the foundation for corporate business activities, such as our industrial park development and management business in developing countries, we will promote the overseas expansion of corporations and the deveopment of local economies and industries in our countries of business.
Promote businesses that connect to solving problems in developed countries Initiatives that solve social problems We will aim to establish and expand businesses that will solve the respective environmental and social problems in Japan and those of developed countries.
Conduct social contribution activities in developing countries
In line with the fundamental perspective on social contribution,(※) we will reassess our existing activities in Japan and abroad, and strive to establish new activities.

(※)Social Contributions:Basic Approach



The Sustainability Committee aims to support sustainable growth at the Sojitz Group by establishing company-wide sustainability-related policies and goals, constructing frameworks for implementation, organizing, and working to monitor and promote progress for each policy.

The Corporate Sustainability Office is a specialized department that serves as the Secretariat of the Sustainability Committee, cooperating with related departments within the Group to promote sustainability-related initiatives at the Sojitz Group.

Risk Management by the Sustainability Committee / Reports Submitted to the Board of Directors (Supervisory Body)
Sojitz Group classifies and defines the many risks associated with our businesses according to our Basic Code of Corporate Risk Management, and we establish a risk management policy and management plan for these risks each year, based on a resolution by the Board of Directors. (See this page for details.) Among these risks, countermeasure policy and initiatives regarding environmental and social risk (including risk related to climate change) are deliberated by the Sustainability Committee. These policies and initiatives may then be put into action following a report to the Management Committee and Board of Directors.

Deliberation by the Sustainability Committee
Sojitz has established six Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality) (human rights, environment, local communities, resources, human resources, and governance) which all organizations are expected to address, as well as accompanying CSR policies. In establishing these focus areas and policies, we referenced international standards—such as the SDGs to be met by 2030—and identified issues facing our business in the long term, including environmental issues like climate change.
Specifically, the Sustainability Committee deliberates policies related to response to environmental and social risk, climate change countermeasures, promotion of supply chain CSR, ESG disclosure, environmental ISOs, promotion of the Sojitz Wood Procurement Policy, social contribution activities, and other CSR topics.

(As of July 1, 2020)

* Representative Director

Committee Chair
  • CEO*
  • Members
  • Executive Vice President*,
    Executive Management of General Accounting, Business
    Accounting, Finance, Structured Finance, IR, M&A Management Office, Controller Office Oversight
  • Executive Vice President*,
    Advisor to the President Executive
    Management of Business Group (Automotive, Aerospace & Transportation Project, Machinery & Medical Infrastructure, Energy & Social Infrastructure, Metals & Mineral Resources) Oversight East Asia
  • Senior Managing Executive Officer,
    Executive Management of Business Group (Chemicals, Foods & Agriculture Business, Retail & Lifestyle Business, Industrial Infrastructure & Urban Development) Oversight
  • Executive Officer,
    COO, General Accounting Department, Business Accounting Dep artment, Finance Department, IR Office, Controller Office
  • Executive Officer,
    COO, Legal Department, PR Department
  • Executive Officer,
    COO, Human Resources Department, General Affairs & IT Operation Department
  • COO, Corporate Planning Department, Corporate Sustainability Office
  • Observers
  • Corporate Auditor
  • General Manager, Corporate Planning Dept.
  • General Manager, Public Relations Dept.
  • General Manager, Investor Relations Dept.
  • Secretariat
  • Corporate Sustainability Office
  • Monitoring

    We have adopted ISO14001 as the basis for our environmental management. Generally, ISO14001 monitors activities related to the environment. We, however, utilize the monitoring framework and information routes provided by ISO14001 to broadly monitor progress on sustainability goals, including those goals which relate to human rights and local communities. We then report the results of this monitoring to the Sustainability Committee.

    Sojitz Environmental Management System(EMS) Chart



    Overseas Industrial Park Business

    To support Japanese companies in setting up overseas operations, the Sojitz Group is focusing on the industrial park development business, mainly in Asia. In this business, we not only develop and sell industrial parks, but also provide reliable basic infrastructure such as electricity and water and sewerage systems, and are expanding and enhancing various services, including logistical and IT support, for companies entering the market. In addition, we play a part in the economic development of relevant countries through job creation and technology transfer. Through the continuing expansion of this business, we will contribute to the growth of industry in these countries.

    Sojitz Group to Expand Deltamas City’s (*Kota Deltamas) Industrial Park in Indonesia

    PanaHome Corporation and Sojitz Group Announce Joint Venture to Build Sustainable Smart Town, Kota Deltamas

    Participation in operations of an international airport to aid sustained development in Palau

    Palau receives about 130,000 tourists annually, and with this number on the rise, the country’ s sole international airport, Palau International Airport has grown in importance. To redevelop this national-level transportation infrastructure, Sojitz set up Palau International Airport Corporation together with the government of Palau in August 2017, through an intermediate holding company established jointly by Sojitz and Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. We also concluded a 20-year contract with the government at that time, entrusting us with refurbishing and expanding the airport terminal, as well as managing its operations.

    We will leverage our partner company's airport industry knowledge and network, as well as their expertise in managing passenger terminals to enrich commercial facilities and improve passenger services and convenience. We will also take an active role in making policies to promote tourism and strive to contribute to sustainable economic and social development in Palau, where tourism is the key industry.

    Palau International Airport (Concept art of the completed airport)

    Sojitz and Japan Airport Terminal Join Project to Manage Operations at Palau International Airport

    Indian Railway Project

    Click on the link below for more information on the dedicated freight corridor between Delhi and Mumbai, which Sojitz is working to construct together with India’s largest general contractor.

    Indian Railway Project

    Hospital Project in the Republic of Turkey

    Click on the link below for more information on the hospital management project Sojitz is undertaking in Turkey.

    Sojitz Joins Hospital Project in the Republic of Turkey

    Day Care Management Business in Japan

    In our domestic real estate business, we are expanding out from the general real estate management business, such as managing buildings and condominiums, to a general life solutions business, which will provide high-value-added services to working people and residents. As part of this effort, we considered social needs such as supporting the active participation of women in the workplace, and the problem of children being waitlisted for daycares. Through Sojitz General Property Management Corporation, we moved to acquire full ownership of daycare management company Angelica Co., Ltd., which provides high-level services mainly within the 23 wards of Tokyo. In that sense, while working together with our domestic real estate business, we are advancing the daycare management business in a way that leverages our functions as a general trading company.

    We entered the daycare management business in 2016, and the number of children in our daycare centers has already surpassed 1,200, largely in the Tokyo metropolitan area. This number is expected to grow by hundreds in the next three years.

    Through this daycare management business, Sojitz will continue to contribute to creating a society which enables guardians to both work and raise children, as well as facilitate the healthy growth of the children who will carry the future of Japan.

    Sojitz Group Enters Daycare Management Business

    Social Contributions ・ Disaster Relief Activities

    Click on the link below for more information on Sojitz’s efforts to give back to society and provide disaster relief.

    Supporting Reconstruction through Our Business Activities after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

    Support for Reconstruction after the East Japan Earthquake

    The nail-tailed wallaby, an endangered species

    Environmental Protection and Social Contribution Initiatives in Mine Development and Operation business

    Sojitz Foundation



    Disaster Relief Activities and Donations

    Disaster (Time of occurrence) Donations (*)
    Relief Aid for Damage Caused by the July 2020 Kyushu Floods (July 2020) Donated \5 million
    Relief Aid for Damage Caused by Typhoon Hagibis (October 2019) Donated \5 million
    Relief Aid for Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami (October 2018) Donated IDR 500 million (about ¥3.75 million) together with Sojitz Indonesia
    Relief Aid for Earthquake Damage in Eastern Iburi, Hokkaido (September 2018) Donated \3 million
    Relief Aid for Heavy Rain Damage in Western Japan (July 2018) Donated \10 million
    Relief Aid for Earthquake Damage in Kumamoto (April 2016) Donated cash, drinking water and other supplies totaling \10 million on behalf of the Group
    Relief Aid for Areas Damaged by Tropical Storm Etau (September 2015) Donated \1 million
    Assistance for Earthquake in Nepal (April 2015) Donated \1 million
    Assistance for Earthquake Stricken Areas in Yunnan Province, China (August 2014) Donated \1 million
    Relief Aid for Typhoon Damage (Typhoon Haiyan) in the Philippines (November 2013) Donated \10 million on behalf of the Sojitz Group
    Relief Aid for New York City (for Victims of Hurricane Sandy that Hit the United States) (November 2012) Donated $50,000 (equivalent to \4.2 million) on behalf of the Group
    Thailand Flood Damage (August 2011) Donated cash and relief supplies totaling ¥10 million together with Sojitz Asia and Sojitz (Thailand)
    Great East Japan Earthquake (March 2011) Donated ¥100 million
    Christchurch earthquake (February 2011) Donated ¥1 million together with Sojitz New Zealand
    Brazil Flood Damage (January 2011) Donated ¥3 million together with Sojitz do Brasil
    Queensland, Australia Flood Damage (January 2011) Donated A$100 thousand (about ¥8.3 million) together with Sojitz Australia
    China Landslides (August 2010) Donated ¥1 million together with Sojitz (China)
    Pakistan Flood Damage (July-August 2010) Donated ¥1 million
    Earthquake in Qinghai Province, China (April 2010) Donated ¥1 million, plus ¥200 thousand from employees of Sojitz (China)
    * Cash donations are given to the Red Cross in each country and to NGOs working in the disaster areas.

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