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Local Communities


Sojitz recognizes that coexistence with local communities is critical as we conduct our businesses. We promote businesses that grow together with local communities, and we work to reduce the environmental and social impacts on local communities through our business.


Key Social Issues

・Infrastructure development in emerging countries
・Medical care
・Regional revitalization



Sojitz has selected the following Key Sustainability Issues (materiality).

Themes Contents
Local Communities: Develop and grow together with local communities Sojitz promotes businesses that grow together with local communities.
We work to reduce environmental and social burden on local communities through our businesses.
Through ongoing communication with local communities, we strive to achieve business sustainability, address local problems and support children’s education.

Related Policies

Social Contributions: Basic Approach


For more details on Sojitz’s local community initiatives, please visit the Sojitz ESG Book.


Responsibility to Our Customers

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