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Support for Reconstruction after the Kumamoto Earthquake and the East Japan Earthquake


The Sojitz Group promotes Group employees' participation in grassroots social contribution activities with the aim of deepening involvement in local communities.


Major Activities

Support for Reconstruction after the Kumamoto Earthquake

Sojitz contributed a total JPY 10 million in aid to victims of the April 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake directly following the disaster, including 2,400 liters of potable water.

In July 2016, Sojitz Group company Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation began selling bottled mineral water as another way to aid recovery in regions affected by the earthquake. The mineral water comes from two sources in Kumamoto Prefecture—Aso no Seisui from Kamimashiki and Kikuchi no Meisui from Kikuchi—while the bottle design features the prefecture’s popular mascot character Kumamon. By donating some of the proceeds from the water sales, Sojitz New Urban Development continues to use Kumamoto’s pure mineral water to support the prefecture’s recovery.

Even now, many victims of the earthquake live in temporary housing. Sojitz has been providing aid to the temporary communities in Kamimashiki since 2017.

Our continued support has created, maintained, and empowered these communities, not only by donating to local administrative groups, but though events such as trips for children to watch home games of the local J-League Team, Roasso Kumamoto; aquarium field trips for kids; and exercise classes for senior citizens.

Sojitz is also an official sponsor of Roasso Kumamoto. We have partnered with the team on their initiatives to help revive the affected areas and local community through sports, with Sojitz helping to establish “Roasso Kumamoto Junior Youth Aso” in April 2019.

Roasso Kumamoto’s ‘Free Tickets to Support Kumamoto’s Recovery’ Project

Roasso Kumamoto’s ‘Free Tickets to Support Kumamoto’s Recovery’ Project



Roasso Kumamoto Junior Youth Aso


Exercise classes for senior citizens


Blind Soccer Workshop for Elementary Schools in the Disaster-stricken Region

In December 2020, Sojitz hosted an event titled “Blind Soccer Workshop: Experience the Unseen World” for children in cooperation with the Japan Blind Football Association (JBFA), for which Sojitz serves as an official partner. The workshop was held for 35 elementary school-aged members of FC Bigwave, a junior soccer team located in Mashiki, Kumamoto.



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